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Band: Decapitated
Album: Human's Dust
Release date: June 2008

[Live in Kraków, October 2002]
01. Nihility
02. Eternity Too Short
03. Way To Salvation
04. Spheres Of Madness
05. Names
06. Winds Of Creation
07. Babylon's Pride
08. Suffer The Children

Bonus video:

- [Live at Ozzfest, Katowice, May 2002]
01. Spheres Of Madness
02. Eternity Too Short
03. Babylon's Pride

- [Live at Metalmania Festival, Katowice, March 2004]
01. Three-Dimensional Defect
02. Lying And Weak
03. Mother War
04. Sensual Sickness
05. Spheres Of Madness
06. The Negation

+ Interview with Vitek and Vogg, Kraków, 2002
+ Interview with Vogg and Sauron, Ozzfest, Katowice, 2002
+ Interview with Sauron and Martin, Metalmania Festival, Katowice, 2004
+ Winds Of Creation [video]

Also includes:
- Photo gallery
- Biography
- Discography
- Desktop images
- Weblinks
- Logo
- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Decapitated is a famous but not so active combo. They only have four studio albums and now that we don't really know what it's going on with their line-up I doubt that we will have any new release soon. Luckily for their fans, Metal Mind releases this year a video DVD which was recorded in 2002 at Krakow. A good way to wait some hypothetical news from the bands don't you think?

"Human's Dust" was filmed and recorded in 2002 which means of course that the concert only features songs of the two first albums of Decapitated. It's a bit sad because of course some great "new" songs are missing but on the other hand "Winds Of Creation" and "Nihility" are also two really good albums so don't worry you'll not be disappointed by the show. As always Decapitated plays here an absolutely convincing performance. The band members don't move a lot on stage but their music is really technical and it's just excellent to watch their demonstration. Even if in 2002 during this concert, Decapitated didn't seem to be really communicative and only played songs after songs this "Human's Dust" is a good DVD and I think that it should be enough for the fans of the combo.

Even if I cannot talk about a deception, I have to say nonetheless that it's obvious that the DVD was recorded in 2002. I mean that now, the DVDs which come from Poland are just perfect and here even if the images are correct, the sound is a bit weak sometime. Don't worry I'm not saying that it's bad and definitely this is better than a lot of DVDs but when you compare it to the last DVDs of the Metal Mind collection, this is not that good. At least this DVD is really complete with three interviews, photo gallery etc and two other short concerts which were recorded at Ozzfest (Katowice, 2002) and Metalmania festival in 2004. This is just full as hell, really this DVD shouldn't disappoint the fans of the combo.

Let's see now what will happen to future of Decapitated but if you want to wait their future come back, "Human's Dust" will be a perfect way to feed your patience. There is nothing wrong to say about this DVD except maybe that the concerts are a bit short but we have three concerts so it should be ok for you anyway. "Human's Dust" is a must for all the ones who want to see how good a technical Death Metal show looks.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 01.06.2008



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Decapitated dvd live very nice piece for my collection and like all the shows they only think annoys me a bit the camera on the first show I think I'm it moves a bit too fast of course it's not their fault very impressive these guys very technical highly recommend

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