Rammstein - Lichtspielhaus review


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Band: Rammstein
Album: Lichtspielhaus
Release date: November 2003

01. Du Riechst So Gut
02. Seemann
03. Rammstein
04. Engel
05. Du Hast
06. Du Riechst So Gut '98
07. Stripped
08. Sonne
09. Links 2 3 4
10. Ich Will
11. Mutter
12. Feuer Frei!

Videos - Making Of:
13. Du Hast
14. Du Riechst So Gut '98
15. Sonne
16. Links 2, 3, 4
17. Ich Will

In Concert - Highlights:
18. 1996 100 Jahre Rammstein Arena, Berlin
19. 1997 Philipshalle Dusseldorf
20. 1998 Rock Am Ring festival
21. 1998 Live Aus Berlin Wuhlheide
22. 2001 Big Day Out festival, Sydney
23. 2001 Velodrom, Berlin

TV-Trailer incl. Interviews:
24. Achtung Blitzkrieg!
25. Du Hast
26. Links 2, 3, 4
27. Mutter

Among spectacular scenic performers, Rammstein is definitely a good bet for the first rank. Not only this German Industrial Metal band collects phenomenal albums, their shows all around the world have been regarded as spectacular and damn entertaining [the use of a large amount of pyrotechnics and awkward clothing being two important factors]. That's why this Lichtspielhaus DVD was awaited for quite some time by worldwide fans and as it turns out, they were right to crave for it!

First of all, the DVD is more than just a collection of their video clips and some concert highlights. It's loaded with extras such as interviews, TV commercials and even a TV trailer. But the most interesting part of the disc is the "making of" section, in which some video clips are basically explained from the original idea to the taping sessions with on the spot comments from the musicians and the crew involved in the making of the clip. It's really well done and you'll learn a lot about the musicians both on a personal and on a professional level. This is a top-notch DVD using a well-picked hi-tech factory-like interface that fits with the visuals the band usually display both in their video clips and on stage..

The musicians are all totally part of a concept more than being "simple" musicians [that too is obvious through their words]. And one has a small step to make to consider these guys as multi-talented artists and not "just" musicians. You only have to see how good their videos are and remember that in each and everyone of them that are actors in real acting situations unlike most others who appears in their videos but you can see that they are playing their instruments and that's it. Nothing wrong about that but that is another difference with Rammstein.

The videos are ALL excellent and the "making of" parts are even more interesting, especially the ones for 'Sonne' and 'Links 2-3-4'. The concert highlights are, indeed, highlights! Terrific songs, hypnotic stage performances, lots of pyrotechnics, large stadiums and excited audiences make these highlights unforgettable. The message is clear: get to one of their concerts as soon as possible! 'Heirate Mich' has to be the best moment though with an insane atmosphere floating in the air and dirty rain falling down all along.

To sum things up, this is probably the best thing you can buy with ten bucks around here. It uncovers several aspects of this still mysterious band that is Rammstein. So do yourself a favor and discover the phenomenon Rammstein with this 'Lichtspielhaus' DVD.


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