Trimonium - Son Of A Blizzard review


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Band: Trimonium
Album: Son Of A Blizzard
Release date: 2007

01. Mirrors Hall
02. Son Of A Blizzard
03. The Wisdom Of A Crying Stone
04. Return From The Battle
05. Choose The Weapon
06. My Blood For Yours
07. A Sign In The Sky
08. Waste Of Blood

This is the first time that I listen to something of Trimonium and I'm nicely surprised. I even have to confess that I will try to buy all to their previous albums as soon as possible because the last album of this German combo, "Son Of A Blizzard" is a real beautiful piece of Pagan Metal. If you like Epic melodies and really cold atmospheres which come from the north, I'm sure that you'll like "Son Of A Blizzard", definitely this is an album that you'll have to check as soon as possible.

Without overacting I think that "Son Of A Blizzard" can be compared to a mix of Immortal and Himminbjorg. The band has the Black Metal and epic side of the legendary Norwegian act with the Pagan and "war" side of the French combo. "Son Of A Blizzard" is a bit like a really epic and Pagan "At The Hearth Of Winter". The guitars riffs are cold and sharping but the melodies are beautiful with a really big epic spirit and some nice melodies which directly come from warfields. "Son Of A Blizzard" is not particularly fast or violent, even if the drummer is quite impressive, the songs all have some Pagan or Viking tempos if I can use those representations. This is not slow but not so fast too, the rhythms are insisting but the drums are there to remember you that Trimonium is at first an album of Black Metal. The voice of Teutonnic can be theatrical sometime or purely Black and it fits perfectly to the music of his combo. Definitely all, and I say it again, all the songs of this album are pure jewels. I like Pagan Metal and it's been a while that I've not listen to something so convincing. Just have a look on the great second track "Son Of A Blizzard" with its amazing Epic melody or to the fast and aggressive "Waste Of Blood" and you'll understand that this release is not a joke.

"Son Of A Blizzard" sounds a bit old school but its production is really good and at least we can perfectly hear all the instruments in the music which doesn't have the help of any keyboards by the way. The musicians are solid and the compositions of the album are not so simple, this is well done and well played. I'm sure really that this album is perfect for the people who like melodic Black Metal like for the ones who like Pagan and Viking music.

"Son Of A Blizzard" is a great album of Pagan Black Metal with memorable songs and melodies. I have nothing to add really I just hope that you'll have a look on this release and on the discography of this surprising combo from Germany. Let's hope now that you'll spread good words about them, Trimonium is a great band and it deserves all our support. "Son Of A Blizzard" is a masterpiece of Pagan Black Metal, a must for all the fans of the genre.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 08.06.2008



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09.06.2008 - 17:10
A good album indeed
09.06.2008 - 20:30
Doit Like Bernie
Sounds very intriguing, might check this album out.
09.06.2008 - 21:44
I found this album absolutely boring. Some nice tunes which lose themselves in mid-tempo pettiness with "Waste of Blood" being the only positive surprise at the end of a tedious trip of homogeneity, kind of a curbed poor man's variety of a paganized I. If it wasn't for the closer of the album, which definitely is worth of anyone's time, this wouldn't get any more than 4/10 from me. For some strange reason I seem to be the only one thinking like that though.
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