Alghazanth - Wreath Of Thevetat review


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Band: Alghazanth
Album: Wreath Of Thevetat
Release date: February 2008

01. Moving Mountains
02. The Kings To Come
03. The Phosphorescent
04. On Blackening Soil
05. Rain Of Stars
06. Twice-Born
07. Future Made Flesh
08. As Nothing Consumes Everything

Maybe that some of you already know that the singer of Alghazanth is Mikko Kotamäki who is also featured in the line-up of Swallow The Sun but if you wasn't aware of this fact, now you can maybe understand why Alghazanth is not the most violent and "krieg" Black Metal band of the scene. It doesn't mean that the band is bad but we're clearly in front of a really melodic and symphonic Black Metal combo so if you're looking for violence and old school spirit, you can already go away…

I don't think that "Wreath of Thevetat" is a bad release but this is simply a bit soft if I have to categorize this album in the Black Metal section. Of course the voice of the singer is a pure Black Metal voice, the guitars have a true Black sound and the drummer use Black rhythms too. Though "Wreath of Thevetat" is also composed of good symphonic parts and a lot of the songs are really melodic. It's a bit like if this release was made for a really large audience, old Black Metal fans will maybe not like it but the people who use to listen to such music shouldn't be disappointed. Plus in general with have good atmospheres on this release this is not so dark but some passages are nice with good atmospheric spirit. In the genre "Wreath of Thevetat" is all but a good release of Symphonic Black Metal.

If I have to talk about the musicians, especially Mikko Kotamäki, it's hard for me to say anything wrong about them. All is really good here, it's hard to find some kind of imperfections and Mikko Kotamäki, obviously is also a good Black Metal singer. With its good recording, "Wreath of Thevetat" is a solid release of Symphonic Black and the arrangements and symphonic sides are well mixed. They're present of course but not omnipresent too, it's smartly done for sure. On the other hand if you're looking for dirty naughty sound this is not here that you'll find your happiness. As you already know now, "Wreath of Thevetat" is an album which follows the trends of the numerous Symphonic Black Metal bands and some of you will say that it's not true…

I think that "Wreath of Thevetat" is in the category of the love or hate albums. If you're only into old school and classic Black Metal I really think that you'll not like the new release of Alghazanth because this is simply too commercial and "radio", if I can use this term, to be enjoyed by old school fans. On the other hand if you like all the big mainstream Black Metal bands, you'll like "Wreath of Thevetat" which is a good release in this category. That's up to you know, do what you want, just be aware that "Wreath of Thevetat" is just a good release of "easy of access" Black Metal.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 16.06.2008



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18.06.2008 - 20:02
Wreath of Thevetat might be accessible, but I don't think it's plastic enough for radio play. At least the keyboards have turned into guitar riffs now, which should be a step in the right direction of evolution no matter where you're looking at it from. But it's true it doesn't have that crunchy dirty black metal sound either, so I think it's placed somewhere in the middle as far as atmospheric spirit is concerned.
03.07.2008 - 07:37
Southern Wind
Account deleted
middle of the road, generic and derivative, absoultelty nothing to add to an already overcrowded genre.
04.07.2008 - 15:47
It sounds rather derivative of Catamenia, but for symphonic (unmelodic) black metal I'd rather take mid era Nokturnal Mortum or Gontyna Kry.
12.09.2008 - 10:23
Foetal Butchery
i really like this album, but yeh tis quite 'un-new'...
Dark death metal from Sydney:
31.05.2011 - 11:04
lord artan
Very good album

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