Flesh Grinder - Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization review


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Band: Flesh Grinder
Album: Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization
Release date: 2008

01. They Like To Play With Their Food
02. Watch Out... Here Comes Derek
03. Gruesome Party
04. Special Pus Sauce
05. I'm With The Guts
06. Kicking A Decapitated Torso In The Balls
07. Brains Are Spoon Food
08. Homo Sapiens Low-Calories Delicacies
09. Sapiens Burger
10. Vomitous Delicious
11. Suck My Spinning Steel
12. We, The Food
13. Kaihoro
14. Traditional CCD Fetus In Jelly Jar
15. Trash Nausea Total
16. Stick All The Pieces In A Plastic Bag

"For Lo-Fi Grinders Only"

The last time I had the (disgusting) pleasure of hearing this band was back in 2005, they were doing some muddy type of Goregrind via "Goregiastic Records", it was a half-decent release if I remember correctly, I wasn't that impressed to be honest, but still there was something inside their music that made me spin their CD for months. Now they're back, "Black Hole Productions" took the bullet this time (obvious move I think, after all they signed Lymphatic Phlegm right?); but now the band instead of throwing blood splattered gore and sickness, they decided to add a "fun" side to their music...and let me tell you, I'm a huge fan of both Peter Jackson's masterpieces...Bad Taste and Braindead (Dead-Alive)...imagine my twisted grin when I saw the "Alien Leader" on the cover of "Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization"...

...I don't know if that fact made me fall in love with the music, but I liked this CD 10 times more than "Coroner's Inquest Suit". Their goregrind is still freaking muddy and chunky though, the band lined towards the "Lo-Fi" side of things actually, there are maybe 10 catchy moments in the entire album (maybe less), no hooks, only a couple of breakdowns and no mid-paced bullshit, this is chaos covered with brain matter and some chunks of flesh...but damn I liked the entire piece and I love those "Bad Taste" intros to death.

The music doesn't bring much to the fresh salad, it's the exact opposite of bands like Rompeprop or CBT with their "modern" style of Grind, all full of groove, jumpy riffs and bad jokes about porn and genitals. Flesh Grinder has its own way of delivering the goods, they are even darker and influenced by older bands like Repulsion and early Carcass; the opening song, "They Like To Play With Their Food", is just 3 minutes of blast-beats and chugging sounds, so be sure that Goregrind "newbies" won't stand this sucker punch, it's just way too explosive for someone who likes "Funky" Goregrind bands...

All in all this is a good album, if you can take lo-fi grind then you'll like it, and believe me when I say this is Lo-Fi...even the cover falls into that category, just look at it, the drawings are butt ugly, a couple of those grey-ish dudes have 4 fingers (the rest have the normal amount though), the faces in general (mouth, teeth, even the eyes) are just badly drawn...but I guess if you've seen the movie Bad-Taste (one of the best "Bad-Movies" ever made) or if you are a follower of Troma Films and such things, you'll see the burlesque of the cover...I just hope this image was awfully made on purpose!

Best Tracks (The ones with actual breakdowns and catchy riffs): "Kaihoro", "I'm With The Guts", "Trash Nausea Total"

Written by Herzebeth | 19.07.2008



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28.08.2008 - 22:32
MrSpaceman |BR|
These guys rocks. They will play with Carcass here in Brazil at November 9th!
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