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Band: Motörhead
Album: Ace Of Spades
Release date: November 1980

Disc I
01. Ace Of Spades
02. Love Me Like A Reptile
03. Shoot You In The Back
04. Live To Win
05. Fast And Loose
06. (We Are) The Road Crew
07. Fire, Fire
08. Jailbait
09. Dance
10. Bite The Bullet
11. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
12. The Hammer
13. Please Don't Touch [bonus]
14. Emergency [bonus]

Disc II [Deluxe Edition bonus]
01. Dirty Love [bonus]
02. Ace Of Spades [Alternative version]
03. Love Me Like A Reptile [Alternative version]
04. Love Me Like A Reptile [Alternative version]
05. Shoot You In The Back [Alternative version]
06. Fast And Loose [Alternative version]
07. (We Are) The Roadcrew [Alternative version]
08. Fire Fire [Alternative version]
09. Jailbait [Alternative version]
10. The Hammer [Alternative version]
11. Dirty Love [Alternative version]
12. Dirty Love [Alternative version]
13. Fast And Loose [BBC Radio]
14. Live To Win [BBC Radio]
15. Bite The Bullet / The Chase Is Better Than The Catch [BBC Radio]

The words "Ace Of Spades" are written proudly on one of the dirtiest, toughest and meanest Motorhead albums ever! If you haven't had your ears soiled by this beautifully impure masterpiece, then prepare to have them blown off!

This was the record that got a whole generation of young lads brandishing tennis rackets and riffing as hard as possible whilst jumping madly on their bed! Although their earlier album " Bomber" didn't do a great deal for the band, "Ace Of Spades" got their name out there, and sealed Motorheads reputation as one of the loudest and heaviest bands in the world.
For the cover shot, Kilmister ,Clarke and Taylor stood on sand dunes dressed as cowboys with revolvers, Bullet belts and snarls to match. (The photo was actually taken in a sandstone quarry in London!)
The first and title track is by far the most famous Motorsong ever. Simply an all time great classic and one of my favourite metal songs ever written. Other personal favourites are "Shoot you in the back" which is very aggressive and defiant, "Live to win" in which Lemmy spells out how to give the world the finger when it turns its back on you and "The chase is better than the catch" which is all about the ladies! The album closes with the explosive finish of the muscle-stuffed "Hammer".
This album united headbangers everywhere with its sheer power and heaviness.
And what more, the album topped out at # 4 in the British Charts. England really does seam to be the ultimate source for pure heavy metal. You just have to salute Motorhead! They released the "Ace of Spades" upon the world 20 years ago, and its been headbanging ever since. Its loud, its heavy and its gonna be around forever!

"Ace of Spades" will always be remembered as an ultimate heavy classic. It had set Motorhead up for what should have been superstardom and rich and famous lifestyles.
But Motorhead could just not be tamed…

Written by Ozzy | 10.06.2004


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29.07.2007 - 00:03
I love this album! the best songs on this release are undoubtedly "Jailbait" and "(We Are) The Road Crew" . Very classic and very ass-kicking, it gets me in the mood for getting pissed! lol .
26.09.2007 - 09:23
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Hmm, I cant say I like the review very much, didnt go into the music that in depth, but all your points are correct and your score is only 500 below what Id rate it but oh well, great album.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
26.09.2007 - 22:07
Well, when this cd was released I wasnt even born, curious fact. Anyway, I have to say I love every song on this album and its one of the two Motorhead albums I have. Besides being extreme appealing musically, it can be very interesting lyric wise, even comical at times. Pure classic.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
09.10.2007 - 22:51
the comical part is what makes it rock n' roll !

this album was somewhat ov a chart-topper right?
14.10.2007 - 07:19
Foetal Butchery
the album is now in the top 100!!
Dark death metal from Sydney:
14.10.2007 - 09:42
Written by ThunderAxe1989 on 09.10.2007 at 22:51
this album was somewhat ov a chart-topper right?
According to my Great Rock Discography book it hit #4 in the UK, and the single reached #15
deaththrashdeath/doom/prog ‡ Hail Zoldon!

he's not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays
14.10.2007 - 15:48
15.11.2007 - 18:54
yeahh!!!! this album is a classic without doubt!!!!

One of the best albums in heavy metal for me, I love Ace of spades and Live to win.... this is a masterpiece!!!!!!

Hail Motorhead!!!!
04.12.2009 - 18:55
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Ace of Spades is awesoame!-
Checkout my band here!
04.02.2010 - 12:58
Don't you touch me baby cause i'm sheiking too much!!!
22.07.2015 - 19:27
Bad English
Ace of Spades" will always be remembered as an ultimate heavy classic. It had set Motorhead up for what should have been superstardom and rich and famous lifestyles.
But Motorhead could just not be tamed…

indeed, no suits and Hawaii shirts as rich GIllan or Pink Floyd do, but still jeans and shirt (whit german panzer commander helmet) ... Lemmy never gets old
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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