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Band: Moss
Album: Cthonic Rites
Release date: December 2005

01. Crypts Of Somnambulance
02. The Gate

Two songs. Together offering a good a good sixty-five minutes of music. As soon a band has these facts going for it, my "awesome!!" alert is frantically blasting its sirens. It usually means some really slow, monolithic extreme Doom is ready to drown my house in noise, my parents in despair and set my heart flaming with infernal ecstasy.

And Moss, this time the cause of such varying responses, does not disappoint. Or well, it was a bit disappointment when the last fifteen minutes of the album turned out to be silence and a lame sample, but I guess overall that could be seen as a compliment as well. And there is still a good forty-five minutes of great sludgy droning Doom left for the suckers that crave this type of music.

Surprisingly, this album has no bass player, but then again, who needs a bass when you can simply tune your guitar so low that merely hitting a single string is enough to trample bodies? And that's even without the decaying, utterly distorted feedback, vile enough to get a deaf man to gnaw his legs off in despair. Playing chord by chord in the for this particular style usual slow fashion, with tortured screams wailing over it, the aforementioned feedback filling the pitch-black voids in between notes, Moss certainly know how to gently caress the listeners' eardrums.

Moss dissects their volcanic doom until it is reduced to maddening, droning violence. Before I lose myself in epic descriptions of how heavy and cool this is, and keep you from listening to this album, let me just tell you one thing: this is heavy, slow, distorted, crushing and great. Fans of the genre will have a good idea of what this sounds like anyway. Ok, one more then: Moss, will not cease to rest until the final brain cell is blasted into oblivion. Or until you turn the cd-player off. But seriously, what sort of pussy would do that?

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8


Written on 27.07.2008 by If you're interested in extreme, often emotional and underground music, check out my reviews. I retired from reviewing, but I really used to be into that stuff.


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28.07.2008 - 21:51
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
65 minutes? When I put my cd in my stereo it says 66 minutes and 6 seconds.

But really good album nonetheless, although I do prefer this year's release Sub Templum by them. That one clocks in at 73 minutes and 54 seconds but does consist of four tracks, my God they sold out hahahaha.
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Dawn Crosby (r.i.p.)
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14.02.2009 - 15:21
Great album. Haven't heard Sub Templum yet. I'll pick it up if I finds it in at a record store.
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