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Band: Decapitated
Album: Organic Hallucinosis
Release date: February 2006

Disc I [CD]
01. A Poem About An Old Prison Man
02. Day 69
03. Revelation Of Existence (The Trip)
04. Post(?) Organic
05. Visual Delusion
06. Flash-B(l)ack
07. Invisible Control

Disc II [Limited Edition DVD] [Live in the UK, 7th November 2005]
01. Three Dimensional Defect
02. The Fury
03. Nihility
04. Negation
05. Lying And Weak
06. Spheres Of Madness
07. Mother War

What this Polish Technical Death metal band managed to create giving life to "Organic Hallucinosis" is really awesome...from the first 'til the last riffs. The impression given to the listener is being in fabric crawling through working engines in a post-human world where industry dominates and humanity is reduced to slavery. Each song has its own riffing, always damn solid, brutal and unbelievably accurate. We are carried into an album where rules the powerful laws of the extremely rapid blast-beat/damn catchy solos and thrashy lyrics that fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the entire CD.

Here follows something about the musicians; and, at the same time, about their impact on this Technical/Death work. Vogg's guitar (which in fact is the only guitar in Decapitated also in live performances) is something I've never heard before. He manages perfectly on his own to support the entire structure of the song, sometimes it cuts the air with fast "razor-riffs" or traces paths of rare power like we used to hear in albums like "Nihility" or "Winds Of Creation". Then there is the bass. Martin's work is simply great; one of the best bass players I've ever heard: extremely accurate and brutal at the same time. His work on Organic Hallucinosis is simply impressive; taking into account that he doesn't use a pick, but only his fingers that reach an unbelievable speed on some songs. Vitek (R.I.P.) the drummer, plays in an unbelievable way. The trigger is obviously necessary in a Technical Death album nowadays and he manages perfectly to create strange and odd timing also using polyrhythm (drums and bass follow a time signature and guitars another different from the one of the rhythm section). He is fast, accurate, his drum patterns never bore. In this album we can hear a perfect kind of drumming, also thanks to the magnificent production Organic Hallucinosis has. Talking about Covan, the singer, I can say that in this album he couldn't have done better. In fact, though he has not the classic Brutal Death Metal growl used by Sauron in the previous albums he has that Thrash/Death voice that sometimes reaches higher notes that is perfect for an album like this, where the thrash influences are clear.

Some songs like "Day 69" or "Post Organic" are symbols of a new kind of Technical Death Metal, characterised by strong industrial influences in the songwriting and in the atmospheres. The violence and strength of this band is always detectable, in each song, in each riff, in each verse written by Covan. Organic Hallucinosis is something special, not for all metal listeners, but also not only for those who appreciate Death Metal only for its strength and brutality. Here there is precision, technique, rage and a lot of "headbanger's material". This is the newest Decapitated work, and I recommend strongly this to you, extreme metallers.

Best songs: Day 69, Post(?)Organic, Visual Delusion

Written by dark awakening | 18.09.2008


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I received this album a couple of weeks ago, it was released in February this year and I've already read tons of harsh reviews explaining the noticeable decay of this Polish band called Decapitated. I won't mind those reviews, most times the writers are just unfair for the sake of being different, so I'll be objective and I'll write in the most accurate way possible for me to reach.

published 23.04.2006 | Comments (15)


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23.10.2008 - 05:23
The Summoner
This album is surprisingly good, the vocals suit it so well!
22.07.2014 - 13:56
Annable Courts
This is clearly their best album for me. I understand most metal fans wouldn't agree with this because this isn't exactly an accessible album. It's not as easy to understand as 'Master of Puppets is Metallica's best'. This is the culmination of Vogg's artistic vision and if you follow his progression from albums 1 to this 4th one, you see exactly where he's coming from to finally come to maturity and naturally produce this gem.
This is furious, industrial-tinged chaotic sci-fi metal written in a basically perfect format. Rhythms, solos, drums, vocal patterns, song-structure...everything is basically perfect. There isn't a song of Post Organic's caliber anywhere else in their discography.
Very good review up there.
Top 4 Death Metal bands ever: Cannibal, Morbid, Decapitated, Suffo.

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