Naumachia - Callous Kaghatos review


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Band: Naumachia
Album: Callous Kaghatos
Release date: January 2007

01. Modern Victimology
02. Centurion
03. Speculus Mundi
04. Shanguine Harvest
05. Minimum Fatal Dose
06. Fuga
07. Satyriathis
08. Tenebroso
09. Morsus Ora
10. Sublatio
11. Ancient Breed
12. Harvesterror
13. Deadly Threshold [bonus]

Naumachia is not an unknown band for me. Back in 2004, when the French label Adipocere was still alive, I had the chance to review their first album "Wrathorn" which was a really good release actually. Now, the band is back three years later and I'm really curious to see what's happening for these young Polish musicians. You know what? It's a bit different now so let's discover the new Naumachia.

If you know "Wrathorn" and listen to "Callous Kaghatos", you'll be surprised because if the first album of the combo was some kind of Melodic Power Death Metal a la Children Of Bodom, this is a lot different now. Sure it was a bit progressive on a side but it was nothing in comparison of the new release which is a lot more complex and even if "Callous Kaghatos" is still in the category of the "melodic Death" music, it should be disturbing for the first fans of the combo. I think that this new step is a really good idea, I like the fact that Naumachia now plays something a lot more complex and not so trendy but on the other hand it's a bit messy too and a bit too pretentious maybe for someone who used to listen to their "first" music. Though if you like fast Death Metal and progressive influences (with even some Jazzy parts) I think that you'll be happy with "Callous Kaghatos", this album is not perfect but it's not bad at all!

"Callous Kaghatos" has a good production and the performance of the musicians is more than correct but I have to say that the songs are maybe too messy to be really attractive. We have good ideas here but the band will have to work a bit on its compositions to be a bit more accessible without forgetting of course that the big progressive aspect of their music is an excellent thing.

"Callous Kaghatos" is less commercial than "Wrathorn" and that's a good thing, though all is not perfect here and the band will maybe have to think about their music for their future albums. Right now we have good things but a good mess too, let's put some order in this music and it should be great! Numachia is a good band, I hope that they will be able to confirm my words through their next productions.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 02.08.2008



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02.08.2008 - 16:36
Not bad, I like their keyboard. IMO some songs has double bas drum, which is very suitabe to creat melody reminiscing black metal element. I really like their keyboard.

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