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Band: Holy Dragons
Album: Labyrinth Of Illusions
Release date: 2008

01. Sleep Of Reason
02. Salamanders
03. Dark Blue Rose
04. The Chains
05. Wild Hunt
06. Sails Of Dreams
07. Wings Of A New Day
08. The Footing Point
09. Shadow Of An Eagle
10. Labyrinth Of Illusions
11. Oblivion

Every time that I receive a new album of Holy Dragons, I'm expecting something honest but I know that it can be bad too. Though years after years the band is becoming better and "Black Moon Rising" their last album was finally a good release. The new album "Labyrinth Of Illusions" is out now and honestly this is not a bad album, at the opposite, this is even a really good release of Power, Heavy Metal so why shouldn't you have a look on this band from Kazakhstan?

If in the past, Holy Dragons was only a band of "happy" unoriginal Power Metal, now their new orientation is a lot better because they play something which is heavier, a lot more technical and that's really good. "Labyrinth Of Illusions" follows the steps of "Black Moon Rising" which means that one more time their Heavy Metal is aggressive with good thrashy riffs. This is also really melodic and even (just a bit) progressive some time! Yes, "Salamanders" even have a break a la Pink Floyd (no I'm not joking) in its middle and even if it can look funny for you I can tell you that it's well done. "Labyrinth Of Illusions" is composed of fast aggressive songs ("Wings Of A New Day ") like ballads ("Sails Of Dreams") and all those compositions are in the end really good with catchy choruses and intelligent riffs. Seriously, Holy Dragons doesn't have to be ashamed to be compared to all the German Power Metal bands, with "Labyrinth Of Illusions" they've finally reached their level.

As you know now, "Labyrinth Of Illusions" is full of good catchy songs but in addition I can tell you that the performance of the musicians is really good too (the guitars soli, the bass and the drums are solid as rock), except one more time with Mr Holger Komaroff who can do the best like the worst… One more time some of his voices are good (without being perfect too but that's ok) and some of his high vocals are so-so. It's ok for such kind of music but it's not really beautiful and the fact that the lyrics are in Russian doesn't help a lot too. Russian is a beautiful language but with Heavy Metal, I don't know it doesn't sound so well and it's a bit weird. On the other hand, despite this little negative point, the production of the album is more than honest and anyway the songs are good in general so I won't whine anymore.

The new Holy Dragons is a confirmation. Their previous release was already promising but now I can tell you that it wasn't a "mistake", this band is able to do good Metal. I know it won't be easy for them to find success outside the east of Europe in reason of the lyrics in Russian but just have a look on this album to listen to its music if you can. Holy Dragons plays good Heavy Metal and I recommend their last album "Labyrinth Of Illusions".

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 11.08.2008



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12.08.2008 - 09:55
Seeker of Truth
Thanks for the review. Russian doesn't sound right with Heavy? That very interesting because not so long ago one guitarist told me that Ukrainian wasn't good for Heavy/Rock either. Well, this is a point to ponder about, but there is a Russian band Aria, which you may know. And the Russian vocals fit just greatly in. But I guess this is a opinion of a Frenchman (different language at least), so you probably perceive music in some different way... Anyway, those are my thoughts...
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12.08.2008 - 18:31
Rosetta Stoned
There's serioulsy a band called Holy Dragons?
Well, I have to hear them
19.08.2008 - 21:03
Advice Troll
Written by Spyroid on 12.08.2008 at 18:31

There's serioulsy a band called Holy Dragons?
Well, I have to hear them

I once heard some earlier stuff they made, and they were a total waste of time. Some of the worst metal I've ever heard... I'll check this though to see if it worths
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26.03.2010 - 17:00
Boxcar Willy
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