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Band: Anathema
Album: Hindsight
Release date: August 2008

01. Fragile Dreams
02. Leave No Trace
03. Inner Silence
04. One Last Goodbye
05. Are You There?
06. Angelica
07. A Natural Disaster
08. Temporary Peace
09. Flying
10. Unchained (Tales Of The Unexpected)

Vincent and Danny Cavanagh are two guys who like to play live and when they're not playing with Anathema, they use to play together, or even alone, acoustics shows in small venues. I had the chance to see them three times that way and I can tell you that it's just wonderful. Originally played Anathema songs are great for sure but with an acoustic guitar they're also magic and I understand why the band chose to release this acoustic "cover-compilation". Hindsight is a must for the fans of the British combo, not surprising on a side but really beautiful and emotive.

Expect the new original "Unchained", the songs featured on Hindsight are all "old" songs of the Anathema discography. And it's good to listen to them again in a new acoustic direction. Sure the melodies are still the same and when you have a look on the track-list you probably already know that all these songs are exceptional. Their semi-acoustic versions (yes we still have some electric guitars for the soli and some percussion) are all really beautiful and really tender. Songs like "Flying" or "Angelica" are already really emotive and their new versions, of course, push this aspect to its maximum. Hindsight is a nice album, sure you'll not find anything new in term of melodies but the acoustic guitars give something more and in the end I think that I can tell that if the songs have lost some energy, they have won some melancholy, which is a perfect thing for a band like Anathema.

All the musicians are featured on the album and the performance of the new official second singer, Lee Douglas is really beautiful one more time. Though, I don't think that this new version of "A Natural Disaster" was a must because the original version is already really acoustic actually (not really but you see what I mean). The addition of the cello on a lot of the songs was also a really good idea but one more time I think that some people would prefer some really simple acoustic arrangements. It's just a matter of tastes really. Hindsight is a beautiful album and its recording and production is perfect. Really it's promising for the future of Anathema especially when you listen to the new song which is really well-done. If the new album follows this way, I'm sure that it will be great.

If you're a fan of Anathema, Hindsight is a must. Sure, some songs are missing (but we can expect one kind of similar album in the future, I'm quite sure of it), and there is nothing really new here but at least this is really beautiful and even if we don't have really old songs, which is a bad thing, we have great songs with perfect performances. If you like melancholic acoustic music, don't miss this release, this is a must and a good way to wait before the release date of the next Anathema album.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 22.08.2008



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23.08.2008 - 00:30
I don't know if I will get this, maybe I will for the new arrangements and the new song but it's definately appealing.

Anathema always does a good job if you ask me.

Thanks for the review.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.

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23.08.2008 - 00:40
Lone Reaper
Not bad versions of old well-known and lovely songs. But summary album gives nothing new and I'll rate it with 7.2-7.6 points. Just good background music...

But stop. "Genre: acoustic doom/progressive" I've just learned more new about Anathema...
27.08.2008 - 15:04
Electric Witch
Great performance. Got it yesterday and, even if there's nothing really new here, this album is truly beautiful. The acoustic arrangements add even more melancholy to the songs... Very good release
I wish I had a mental survival kit...
01.09.2008 - 03:28
05.09.2008 - 19:38
Rice Kierkegaard
Excellent Review ... The disc is very good ... but, I hope taste the new album ...

The quality of Anathema live is wonderful...I saw Anathema in concert in Santiago de Chile and was special, magical...
I want the new album ... No more waiting...
11.10.2008 - 23:59
I Own You Bitch
I love love love this album, I got it last week and can't stop listening to it, I especially like what they did with Fragile Dreams, which was one of the first Anathema songs I ever heard. The one thing I really didn't like was the remake for A Natural Disaster, I think it was ironically, quite a disaster, but that's just me not liking female vocals, in this song its especially annoying. But thumbs up otherwise, really an emotional album, strongly recommended, just pour yourself a nice cup of mexican coffee and you'll be good to go.
Stick this up your fucking pee-aitch-dee.
02.11.2008 - 02:47
Account deleted
These new arrangements feel richer and more full (in sound) and without electric guitars they have a slightly more warmer tone in them -- to me the old versions sound somewhat colder... For me this album was a bullseye. I even liked the new Natural Disaster more. Anathema has never sounded better ...that is, if you don't hate acoustic guitar.
17.12.2008 - 17:37
This cd is great!
I completely agree that the "A Natural Disaster" re-make wasn't really needed, but besides that all of the tracks are great. I really love what they did with "Leave No Trace" and "Are You There."
Beautiful beautiful music.
But I Justify My Desire to No One
18.12.2008 - 22:36
the napalm rain
I think only the song "Flying" is better than before. Of course it can be listened but it's not a must either
25.08.2009 - 04:00
Account deleted
Hey Hey Hey Relax Friends

Anathema on December 2009 Will Release a New Album.

So 2008 - Hindsight is So good before 2009 Album.

this means Anathema is Still Alive & want to Sing songs for its Fans, Like Us , Relax Please...:bow:
13.01.2010 - 21:43
Account deleted
Really didnt like this one, it has a bad song writing, not a nice acoustic album, take a look at "Moonspell's" acoustic live album, its way better than this so called Studio Recorded one. they have ruined their old works. they have changed the songs and the change is not suitable, no not nice guitar sounds. really bad!

Edit: I looked at their discography it isnt even an Live Album, but really better than this disappointment.

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