Ephrat - No One's Words review


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Band: Ephrat
Album: No One's Words
Release date: 2008

01. The Show
02. Haze
03. Better Than Anything
04. Blocked
05. The Sum Of Damage Done
06. Real

This is a trend nowadays to write dark Progressive music a la Porcupine Tree and in this really active scene, we have a new winner, Ephrat. Coming from Israel, Ephrat is a new combo which plays in this category and evidently this is Mr Steven Wilson who has mixed and produced the album… The world is not so big don't you think? But whatever, we're in front of a good new band and their first album should satisfied the fans of the genre, no doubt "No One's Words" is a good debut album!

The first album of this young band from Israel is surprising. Ok, this is not perfect and I will let you know why later but all in all I'm happy to have discovered them. If you like Porcupine Tree and most probably Blackfield, the British/Israeli project of Steven Wilson, you'll like "No One's Word". A bit like Blackfield then, "No One's Word" is an album of Progressive Rock with Metal influences. In general the riffs are cool and not so heavy, it doesn't mean that you cannot find Metal music in this release but all in all we're more into Prog Rock than anything else. But at least "No One's Word" is varied. The first song "The Show" is really similar to the music of Porcupine Tree, melancholic with a good melody and with a catchy chorus. This is modern and accessible and I'm ready to bet some money that a lot of people should enjoy this music. On the other hand, "Hase" which features the female singer of Patos, Petronella Nettermalm, as the lead singer on the song, is a lot darker and doomy when "The Sum Of Damage Done" with Daniel Gildenlow is a lot more Metal. But every time this is Progressive with some really nice influences from the 70's to the modern aspects of the progressive music. We even have flutes there and there, really "No One's Word" is an intelligent and varied album. But even if this release has a lot of positive points, it has also some negative ones. First I think that "No One's Word" lacks a bit of rhythm sometime. I'm not saying that the release should have drum blasts, not at all, but if you have a look on the last Porcupine Tree, you'll not find any breaks or anything, and here sometime the songs lacks of intensity, they're a bit "long" and can be boring in the end… Though, I don't think that it's so serious and in the future with some maturity and experience, it should be ok for the band.

Who is the producer? Steven Wilson… How is the recording and the production? Top-notch of course! Yes definitely there is nothing to say here, we're just in front of a really good and professional work. The two guests are more than convincing, especially Daniel, and the other musicians are good performers. I only regret that the voice of Lior Seker is a bit basic and doesn't give so many emotions but at least his voice is not false and correct so I won't whine anymore here. Omer Ephrat, the leader and main writer of the band is a good compositor, his first album is not the ultimate revelation of the year but it's really good and I can tell you that I will follow this band which is able to do great things in my opinion.

The king Orphaned Land is still sleeping and it's a good thing actually because other Israeli bands like Amaseffer or Ephrat can show that the Metal scene of the country is productive and really good actually! "No One's Words" is a great start, and I just have to recommend it to all the people who like Progressive music. Don't forget this name, Ephrat is one of the most promising bands of the new Progressive scene.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 25.08.2008


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