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Band: Backyard Babies
Album: Backyard Babies
Release date: 2008

01. Fuck Off And Die
02. Degenerated
03. Come Undone
04. Drool
05. Abandon
06. Voodoo Love Bow
07. Idiots
08. Ship
09. Nomadic
10. Back On The Juice
11. Where Were You
12. Zoe Is A Weirdo
13. Saved By The Bell

A friend of mine who lives in Sweden now has told me the other day that Hard Rock and Glam Rock bands are trendy in the country and probably a lot more popular than all the Swedish Metal combos that we use to listen to nowadays. This is maybe surprising for you but now that you are aware of this strange fact, you'll not be surprised to hear that Backyard Babies, the Swedish Glam/Hard Rock band releases this year a new album which, I'm quite sure of it, will become a classic of the genre… at least in their home country…

I'm not particularly attracted by Glam/Sleaze bands but I can admit that some bands, like Hanoi Rocks, are able to release really good albums. Backyard Babies is really popular and famous actually and I'm quite sure that you've all hear this name even if you don't really know who they are and what kind of music they play. Their new release "Backyard Babies" will maybe be a good way to discover them, if you want to listen to Punk/Glam/Hard Rock… Backyard Babies haven't created anything new here but if you like to party and listen to hyper commercial but catchy melodies, you'll be happy. As you probably already understand the Swedish combo is not the most experimental one, they simply play catchy Hard Rock with a really cool and fun spirit. Definitely this is catchy, no doubt, but personally except if it's only to party with friends during one evening, I'm not looking for such kind of music. The songs miss of deepness, they're extremely simple and repetitive and even if obviously the guys of Backyard Babies are good musicians and singer, I don't feel anything special for their music. Sure I'm just giving my opinion here and If I try to be a bit more objective I'm quite sure that the fans of the combo and the fans of this kind of music will like "Backyard Babies" but well... The album is full of hits (in the genre of course), we have lovely ballads like pure punk "in your face" melodies and someone who like this music will not be bored by the album. Of course on the other hand, if you're looking for something complex you'll quickly pass your way. But at least you know, and that's probably the wish of Backyard Babies anyway, that this album is not here to give something new, they're not elitist or anything and just know how to give some fun to their auditors.

Backyard Babies has changed of label lately but this album is already the sixth releases of the combo and of course Backyard Babies is extremely professional. The production is really good the cover is cool and the guys know what they do. Really this album is just a matter of taste; I don't think that it's the best release of the genre but this is a solid album and if you like Backyard Babies you shouldn't be disappointed by the new album. Everything that you want to listen to is featured in "Backyard Babies".

If you're allergic to Glam Rock, go away as soon as possible, "Backyard Babies" is not for you! But if you like the band and its music, you'll like the album. Don't expect anything new though, but as we say we don't change a successful recipe, right? Backyard Babies haven't change anything on this new album but it works so don't wait anymore time if you're looking for some catchy Hard Rock perfect to party and drink some good beers with your mates!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 26.08.2008



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06.09.2008 - 05:08
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Yeah, being a fan of the genre I still gotta agree with the review, but thats my general feeling towards the band as a whole. Theres so many better glam/sleaze rock revival bands coming out these days, Hardcore Superstar being a personal favorite. Like you said they are not very experimental at all and I find a lot of their riffs very recycled. HCSS used to be the same way but their newest album they created something new. So even as a fan of this music I can't say Backyard Babies are anything special.
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27.11.2008 - 22:54
Victim Of Deceit
BYB is one of my favorite bands (from rock) and I have to agree. It isn't a complex album with elaborated music and so... Just music for "parties". By the way, their best album is Total 13, by far.
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