Freedom Call - Live Invasion review


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Band: Freedom Call
Album: Live Invasion
Release date: May 2004

Disc I
01. The Spell
02. We Are One
03. Freedom Call
04. Tears Of Taragon
05. The Quest
06. Heart Of The Rainbow
07. The Eyes Of The World
08. Metal Invasion
09. Land Of Light
10. Warriors
11. Shine on
12. Rise Up
13. Hymn To The Brave

Disc II
01. Warriors Of Light
02. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes [Ultravox cover]
03. Heart Of The Brave
04. Kingdom Come [EP version]
05. Tears Of Taragon [Story version]
06. Hiroshima [Wishful Thinking cover]
07. Dr. Stein [Helloween cover]

It's almost two years ago they said that a live album was on it's way, and for almost two years I have been waiting, because it's almost two years ago I got stuck with them, when buying their latest studio effort, "Eternity", after that have Freedom Call been my favourite Happy Metal band, and after seeing them live, I wanted the live album to be released even more.
And now it's out, and I have finally got it.

So after three studio albums, Freedom Call decided to release a Live album, some will say it's to early, but the thing with Freedom Call is that they have so many good songs so it's possible to release a Live album with only good songs (even if I miss some songs, like "Pharao", "Fairyland" & "Graceland", but you can't have it all here in life).
So overall the selection of the songs is very good, it's a nice mix between the three albums (four songs from each album), and the second cd is giving us the complete "Taragon" EP and two cover songs (Three if you count the one on "Taragon" EP), as a present to all that have missed that piece of plastic, that's so damn hard to find today, thank you guys!

Unfortunately is the album a little to overproduced, the real live feeling isn't really present, and it feels more like an album that's recorded live in a studio with sounds of a crowd added later.
But that's so usual today, and I know that's not the case here, but what I mean is that the crowd is impossible to hear within the songs, it's not like the brilliant live album of Blind Guardian, but it's still a very good live album, but no legendary one.

And after seeing them live, I know how the acting on the stage, it's not much movement, but it's still a very energic show, and with the untiring Zimmermann behind the drum kit it's a great show to watch, but as I said some more movement by the others and I wouldn't have anything to complain on.
And the incredible voice of Chris Bay is as wonderful live as in the studio, of course can't he take the absolute brightest tones live, but he still do a hell of a job live, better then many singer out there today.

This is absolutely a real present to all of us fans to the band, both we that have seen them live and those that haven't.
What I'm saying is that this is something for us all that like Freedom Call, and Happy Metal.

Check Out: The entire album!

Written by Malcolm | 21.06.2004



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