Harmony - End Of My Road review

Band: Harmony
Album: End Of My Road
Release date: 2008

01. End Of My Road
02. Prevail
03. Alone
04. Enter The Sacred
05. Rain

Before the release date of the second album of Harmony, a band from Sweden essentially composed by the members of Darkwater (a great Progressive combo, I recommend you to read my review of their first album), Ulterium Records, their Swedish label, releases today the EP called "Chapter II Aftermath". A good way to wait before the release date of the album which should be out later this year.

"Chapter II Aftermath" is composed of three songs which will be featured on the album plus two "bonus" "Alone" and "Enter The Sacred", two good additions which deserved to be featured "somewhere" and which finally give some interest to this EP. But let's talk about the music now. Even if Harmony is composed of 90% by the members of Darkwater, the band plays something a lot more Power. Well, this is still a bit progressive and this is not Metal a la Gamma Ray but the music of Darkwater is a lot more complex and deeper. If I should compare Harmony, I could maybe talk about Evergrey because like this famous combo, Harmony plays a dark and melancholic Power Metal with strong Progressive influences. The songs are long hyper melodic and with some great guitars and keyboards soli, they can be fast or a bit slower but all in all they're always really catchy.

One more time the performance of the musicians is extremely convincing even if, let's be honest, I prefer the music of Darkwater instead of the one of Harmony. But on a way, it's cool that the guys have chosen to release those songs under another name, at least we know that we will have true Prog with Darkwater and Power/Prog with Harmony. If the two bands don't become too similar, it should be perfect.

To finish this review, I must admit that "Chapter II Aftermath" is not something essential but it gave to me the desire to listen to the full length album which is probably a good thing. We won't have to wait a lot of time but if you're extremely impatient it's probably a good way to wait the new album. Let's keep an eye on Harmony and we will see if the album is great like the last Darkwater.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 07.09.2008


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