Gernotshagen - Märe Aus Wäldernen Hallen review


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Band: Gernotshagen
Album: Märe Aus Wäldernen Hallen
Release date: 2007

01. Märe Aus Wäldernen Hallen
02. Der Alte Wald
03. Dem Skirnir Zu Ehren
04. Widars Klagesturm
05. Dragadhrond
06. In Gedanken Schon Walküren Nah
07. Schlachtensang Der Einherjer
08. Vali
09. Skaid

After their really average first album, the guys of Gernotshagen are back with "Märe Aus Wäldernen Hallen". Obviously they understood their mistakes and changed a lot of things in their music because now we're in front a real new band and their new release is a lot more convincing. Sure it's a matter of taste but I prefer the Pagan Viking Metal that Gernotshagen plays now instead of their previous average Pagan Black Metal…

A bit like the previous CD of the combo, "Märe Aus Wäldernen Hallen" is a powerful album but this time this is a lot more epic and Pagan. Even if the band still has some Black Metal influences, "Märe Aus Wäldernen Hallen" is a lot more oriented toward the Pagan and Viking Metal directions. Even if you'll still find some BM vocals, the clean vocals a la "Viking sauce" are more important now and the melodies are a lot more epic and give a real warfield atmosphere to the music which is really cool. Don't believe that I have something against the Black Metal side of Gernotshagen but "Wintermythen" was not a pure Black Metal album nor a Pagan one a bit like if the band didn't really know where to go. Here at least they have chosen to do Pagan Metal and this is a bit more original and better than their old uninspired Black Metal. "Märe Aus Wäldernen Hallen" is not perfect and will not become a legend but we have some good songs like the powerful and catchy "Dragadhrond" or the long and complex "Schlachtensang Der Einherjer". No doubt that the bands have improved a lot with this new release.

One more time the production is not good at all. It's not horrible but it's easy to see that the mixing is not really good and that the sound could be better. This is a bit too loud in general and lack of purity. At least the band, musically speaking is better so I will believe that they will still improve and that the production will be better next time.

"Märe Aus Wäldernen Hallen" is not a perfect album and doesn't feature perfect songs but it's not so bad and gives some good positive hopes for the future of the bands. We'll see if they're able to confirm this progression but right now you can already know that "Märe Aus Wäldernen Hallen" will be for you if you like Pagan Metal and if you're not looking for the best of the best. Gernotshagen is better now, let's keep an eye on them to see what they will propose next time!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 6

Written by Jeff | 21.09.2008



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17.11.2008 - 10:21
Totemic Lust
I really enjoyed what I heard from Wintermythen... I kinda feel bad about my musical taste now, but good news if this is better I will definitely have to check it out! I sometimes enjoy generic pagan metal, but great review as always.

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