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Tao Menizoo - So Blind review


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Band: Tao Menizoo
Album: So Blind
Release date: January 2008

01. Words Of Wrath
02. Deathwish
03. So Blind
04. My Funeral
05. Not Even God
06. Thrill Of Flesh
07. Time Has Come
08. Obey
09. My Reign
10. Crushed By Illusion
11. Southern Cross
12. Never Get Me
13. Mind Control Cults

"So Blind" is the second album of Tao Menizoo, a young French band which has been already reviewed on Metal Storm with their first release simply intituled "Tao Menizoo". As I remember the first album was not so bad but a bit too common maybe and a bit repetitive. "So Blind" will not change in any way, one more time Tao Menizoo releases an album which is not so terrible but which clearly lack of personality and hits…

When I listen to "So Blind" I have the feeling that I'm listening to the same songs from the beginning to the end. The music of Tao Menizoo is clearly too repetitive and lacks of personality. I mean that the songs aren't terrible we have good melodies etc but I don't know, this is a bit too simple and monotonous for me. It's a bit like if you listen to an album which doesn't give anything special, it's boring really not because it's crap but because the guys haven't managed to write something surprising and of course catchy. Tao Menizoo always plays a mix of modern Metal with Death and Thrash influences but the songs are not so fast in general, they lack of rhythm and really I'm sorry to say that but this album was like a real lullaby for me. Sure the riffs and vocals can be violent but it doesn't save the appearances, "So Blind" is too nice to be catchy and the melodies are too boring and repetitive to be convincing.

To my whole negative first impression, you must add that the production is a bit weak. Sometime the mixing is dull and should be better really and if it can be ok with a great album, this is really problematic here. The sound lacks of intensity, the thirteen tracks of "So Blind" are too weak to attract the listeners. It's funny because I cannot say that "So Blind" is a horrible album, really there is nothing which will lead me to this conclusion but damn why is it so repetitive and without any personality? I don't have any answer here…

Unfortunately "So Blind" is in the category of the so-so releases. You'll not find anything that you will enjoy a lot but also nothing that you'll hate here. The album just lives without being special or anything else, this is a perfect example of an average release which will, sadly, not stay in our memories for a long time. The fans of the first release will probably like "So Blind" but if you're looking for a surprising album go away this release is not for you.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 22.09.2008


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