Harmony - Chapter II: Aftermath review


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Band: Harmony
Album: Chapter II: Aftermath
Release date: October 2008

01. Prevail
02. Aftermath
03. Rain
04. Don't Turn Away
05. Kingdom
06. Silently We Fade
07. Inner Peace
08. Weak
09. I Run
10. Hollow Faces
11. End Of My Road

Last month I wrote the review of the EP "End Of My Road" which was like a promotional foretaste of the second album of Harmony: "Chapter II: Aftermath". Today of course we will talk about this new album and luckily (even if the EP was all but bad of course!) we have a lot of better songs here and I can tell you that one more time Henrik Båth and his band mates will touch your musical spirit. Between Prog and Power this release is a really good catchy album and I'm sure that a lot of metalheads fans of melodic Metal will be happy with it, don't miss it please!

Sure as I already said in the review of the EP, I think that I still prefer Darkwater, the pure Progressive Metal act composed by 90% of Harmony line up, but what I listened to on "Chapter II: Aftermath" is extremely good too. The main difference between both bands is that Harmony is a lot more Powerful and uses some (not too much, don't worry) ingredients that we can find in classic Power Metal releases. First the rhythms are really fast like in general, the melodies are extremely catchy and that's right a bit commercial, and finally the keyboards "sound" Power and use a lot the harpsichord mode. I cannot say that "Chapter II: Aftermath" is a real album of Progressive Metal because the Power Metal influences are too big but on the other hand, I cannot say too that it is a classic Power Metal release a la Gamma Ray too. On a side the new Harmony is an original album because it's rare that Power Metal bands use so many Prog influences and anyway, the guys are good compositors and believe me the eleven songs of this release are potential hits. Sure, "Chapter II: Aftermath" is not so deep than "Calling The Earth To Witness" (the release of Darkwater) but it's catchy as hell and perfect to headbang. If you're looking for complex European Power, this album is a must!

If you use to read my reviews, you probably already know what I think about Henrik Båth, the singer of Harmony. In my opinion he is just a one of these young mega promising Metal singers with a perfect voice to sing both, Prog or Power Metal so of course here again his performance on the album is perfect. But he is not the only one in the line up and I can tell you that the other guys are extremely competent too and I will have to pay a beer to Markus Sigfridsson for his amazing guitars soli. With a perfect production "Chapter II: Aftermath" is a really good Power Metal album I just hope that you'll not forget this band which deserves to be known.

Definitely, the members of Harmony are great musicians and their new album "Chapter II: Aftermath" is a total success for me. Sure you have to like Power Metal to fully enjoy it but don't worry this is not cheesy and just full of hits. I will keep an eye on these Swedish dudes, I have the feeling that we will talk a lot about them sure! "Chapter II: Aftermath" is an excellent album of melodic and Progressive Power Metal, don't miss it please.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 19.10.2008



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25.10.2008 - 01:05
Retired Mod.
The vocals really remind me a lot from long lost Lost Horizon, only slightly higher pitched overall it feels like, not bad!

EDIT: on 2nd thought, it has to be him on Inner Peace haha
20.11.2008 - 18:19
Victim Of Deceit
Good album, good melodies, nice vocals... reminds me of latest Platitude album.
On wings of time we have been flying
For too long it seems to me that I've crossed the final fence...

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30.12.2008 - 12:41
Warning: this album is very addicting... don't listen to it too much!

10.12.2009 - 12:19
Ag Fox
Angel No More
How did I miss out on this? I really liked Darkwater and don't mind Power, hence this is great ^ ^
loves 小巫
21.05.2012 - 20:21
Written by Eddie on 25.10.2008 at 01:05

The vocals really remind me a lot from long lost Lost Horizon, only slightly higher pitched overall it feels like, not bad!

EDIT: on 2nd thought, it has to be him on Inner Peace haha

It was exactly the same for me, Inner Peace is in my opinion the best song from that album

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