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Band: Lordi
Album: Deadache
Release date: October 2008

Disc I

01. Scarctic Circle Gathering IV
02. Girls Go Chopping
03. Bite It Like A Bulldog
04. Monsters Keep Me Company
05. Man Skin Boots
06. Dr. Sin Is In
07. The Ghosts Of Heceta Head
08. Evilyn
09. The Rebirth Of Countess
10. Raise Hell In Heaven
11. Deadache
12. The Devil Hides Behind Her
13. Missing Miss Charlene
14. Dead Bugs Bite [iTunes bonus]
15. Hate At First Sight [Digipack bonus]
16. The House [Dingo cover] [Finnish bonus]
17. Where's The Dragon [Japanese bonus]
18. Beast Loose In Paradise [Japanese bonus]

Disc II [Japanese Bonus DVD]

01. Would You Love A Monsterman?
02. Devil Is A Loser
03. Blood Red Sandman
04. Hard Rock Hallelujah
05. Who's Your Daddy?
06. Would You Love A Monsterman? [2006 Version]
07. It Snows In Hell
08. Bite It Like A Bulldog

Haaa… Lordi, the monsters, Eurovision and the big debate between the Metal fans who are proud of their victory at this mega kitsch show but who are still not able to listen to their music and the ones who like and respect them… Definitely this is a big controversial band but behind the masks there is also a real Hard Rock band. For sure Lordi is not the hottest band in the world but seriously they're not so bad and their new album "Deadache" will maybe surprise some of you. This is maybe not the best release ever done but this is not so bad actually!

Lordi is able to do the best like the worst so let's have a look at their last album to understand what I mean. Take a song like "Bite It Like A Bulldog", the guitar riff is simply excellent, loud as hell (for Hard Rock of course) and extremely catchy, the melody rocks but the chorus is extremely pop and near to be indigestible. Ok, so let's take "Girls Go Chopping" now. One more time the riff is not bad at all etc but one more time again this is the terrible chorus which simply sucks which destroys the whole song. Maybe that you understand what I mean now, "Deadache" is not a bad release and all in all the songs are nice but damn I don't understand why the band has to add in each songs, those really ugly "Pop" passages which kill the other good side of their music. It's a bit sad actually because if it wasn't the case I can tell you that this release could be considered as a really good piece of Hard Rock but damn… On the other hand, if you're not really looking for perfect music and can stand "popular" Rock, I think that "Deadache" will be a good release for you. On a side I understand too why the band is so controversial but I'm quite sure too that they could be better and a lot more respected if they could fix some little points.

As you can guess, Lordi is a big machine now and the production of this new release is perfect. The musicians are not bad too and even if the voice of Mr. Lordi is not so good and can be irritating with time, at least this is unique! Too bad that the album features so many ballads (slow songs) like "Evilyn" or "Monsters Keep Me Company" but I won't whine anymore, at least in general this release is ok and this is probably the best album that the band has ever done.

Not sure that "Deadache" will be a way to change the opinion of the ones who cannot stand Lordi but if I have to do a choice between the monsters from Finland and Dana International, I know that I will move to Finland as soon as possible! Lordi will probably ever be a "popular" Hard Rock band but seriously with some kind of anger and darkness in their music, they could become a lot better and respected. If you're not looking for angry Hard Rock and don't mind radio choruses, "Deadache" shouldn't be a disappointment for you. That's up to you to become one of "them" (the monsters) or not now!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 30.10.2008



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31.10.2008 - 16:20
Under my point of view Lordi is a good band of Hard Rock, this is not their best release at all.. I prefer Get Heavy, but I'd like to tell about one thing in the review: the thing of Pop choruses. Lordi is taking influence mostly in the 80's hard rock and glam rock, and if you take a look back to those Alice Cooper, Kiss, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue and so on.. they have also these kind of commercial choruses at that time..
Anyway, it is hard to compose some catchy chorus as well, not all bands know how to do that.
And I agree completely with 7/10
01.11.2008 - 13:18
I listened to the album once but I haven't found anything new in it..

09.11.2008 - 23:45
Lordi's music get's usually better when listened for couple of times over...I know I will listen this album for few times before judging it.
First time was "ok"
Born to be bad
10.06.2011 - 19:02
Cuca Beludo
Account deleted
Not their best release, i do save that spot for get heavy, althought the album "the arokalipse" has their best songs : "Hard Rock Hallelujah" and "It Snows In Hell".

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