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Band: Scarve
Album: Irradiant
Release date: 2004

01. Mirthless Perspectives
02. An Emptier Void
03. Irradiant
04. Asphyxiate
05. HyperConscience
06. The Perfect Disaster
07. Molten Scars
08. FireProven
09. Boiling Calm

"Scarve", do you know this name? Do you know them? No? Well, in that case, shame on you because this band is certainly one of the revelation of the year directly from France. "Irradiant" is the 3rd album of the band. A great mix of violence, but also technical and all this kind of stuffs which do a great album of Death metal. This combo from France with this album show another time that we know how to do great music in France too, and believe me that this is just the beginning of a long story for a band who could become cult for sure.

"Irradiant" is surprising for a lot of reasons. The first one is certainly the fact that all the guys of the bands are more than excellent in their roles. The lines of bass are very good, and the two guitarists are totally awesome and it's not strange to see an apparition of Fredrik Thordendal of "Meshuggah" in the album, because in fact the style of the guitarists of Scarve really sound like the one of the master. The two singers of the band are excellent too. Sometimes with screams, sometime with pure Death voice or with clean vocals, they really give a lot of power and originality to the music of the band… Excellent. But the other strong point is certainly the drummer, Dirk Verbeuren, who is one of the best from France, and without any doubt one of the best drummer of the style. With a killer like him, it's not a surprise if "Irradiant" is one of the best release of the year.
The music of the band is very strong very heavy, but also very technical and if you like Strapping Young Lad, Messhugah or Soilwork, no doubt that you'll be dazzle of "Irradiant". Great guitars riffs, amazing solo, awesome drums, great lyrics for two great singers, and especially a lot of difference and originality between each songs of the album and superb ambiances, and you have all the ingredients which do a perfect album.
And the production? Well again it's the perfection. It's not a surprise when you know that this album is produced by the great Daniel Bergstrand [Strapping Young Lad, Messhugah, Darkane, In Flames etc…]. We have a big great sound on that album, and it's hard to find such perfection. For the artwork, Dennis Sibeijn [Aborted] did something really good too… No, really I can't find anything bad with that album…

No need to say something more on this "Irradiant". This is THE must have for all the metal lovers. No doubt that "Scarve" is now the leader of the metal bands from France, and in my opinion they will become without any doubts one of this important bands of the style.
"Irradiant" is now, one of my favourite album of the year, this is a killer album a masterpiece and if like me, you are a fan of technical Death Metal or just a fan of good music, you must buy this album or Dieee !!!

Written by Jeff | 15.07.2004



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04.04.2008 - 08:49
I'm surprised about the "low" user rating for this one compared to other releases, their best album to me.
30.09.2009 - 11:47
Good review, good album, good band

Huge step-up since their previous albums imo.

You should write a review on "The Undercurrent" too, it's even better but possibly you said everything that is needed to say about them in this review

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