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Band: Megadeth
Album: Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
Release date: May 1985

01. Last Rites / Loved To Death
02. Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good
03. Skull Beneath The Skin
04. These Boots [Nancy Sinatra cover]
05. Rattlehead
06. Chosen Ones
07. Looking Down The Cross
08. Mechanix
09. Last Rites/Loved To Deth [demo] [2002 re-release bonus]
10. Mechanix [demo] [2002 re-release bonus]
11. The Skull Beneath The Skin [demo] [2002 re-release bonus]

Dave Mustaine, as all know him, was not born 48 years ago in La Mesa California. Dave Mustaine was born in 1983 when he was betrayed by his closest friends and cast from their ranks. He went and recruited warriors for his cause so that vengence could be had. Upon the release of this debut album it would seem Dave was out for blood. Indeed, killing became his business, and business was good.

The guitar on this album undoubtedly makes it a thrash classic. The opening track "Last Rights/Loved to Death" is a prime example of this, with the guitar (and bass) following in perfect harmony with a beautiful piano, only to evolve into a blistering lead which kicks the song off. The rhythms for this album are of of course done in the unique manner of Mustaine, and Poland does a magnificent job with the solos as can be seen on the songs "Rattlehead" and "Chosen Ones."

Dave Ellefson is without a doubt one of thrash's greatest bass players, and an extraordinary element in Megadeth's music from the second he joined until the moment he left. This album is no different. Throughout the album he plays driving basslines that match the guitar with a punchy accent, but deviates yet still sounds oh so sweet. He and Mustaine, without a doubt, went together like peanut butter and jelly.

Of course the Jazz element contributed by Samuleson and Poland is a great flavor of it's own as well. Their previous experience in bands together made them a great pair, and with their jazz fusion playing mixed with the punk/hard rock influenced style of Ellefson and Mustaine, the combination was timeless, truly a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Overall, the drumming on the album is just catchy and great. It has noticeably well played, and yet not ridiculously overpowering double bass. Along with that, excellent cymbal work can be heard throughout the album, which is no doubt the end result of his jazz training. Fills, too, are well executed.

On this album, there are two notorious tracks which should be discussed. The first of these is Mechanix, a song Mustaine wrote while in Metallica. After he was booted out, Metallica changed the name of the song to "The Four Horsemen." Mustaine, pissed that they stole his song, sped up the instrumentation and put it on his own debut album. This led to legal as well as physical altercations between Metallica and Megadeth. That's reason enough to buy this album, as the history behind it is rich with bloodshed. The other song to be mentioned here is their paradoxical cover of Lee Hazlewood's song "These Boots," which is hilarious....

I urge any classic thrash fan to purchase this album. I mean sure, the production is a little gritty, but when you throw it in, you can't help but rattle your god damn head.

Album Highlights: Last Rights/Loved to Death, Chosen Ones, Looking Down the Cross. .

Written by Arian Totalis | 14.01.2009


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On most debut albums the songs are all very good - it's most likely a best of from all the years the band existed before they got a record deal. But unfortunately, the band is not famous enough to get a lot of money for the production. This album is a little bit special on both points - first of all this album was released not so long after Dave Mustaine's departure from Metallica so, this is not an album with songs composed over five years or something like that. And about the production... I heard rumours that the band spent most of the money they got for the recording on sex, drugs and booze, which resulted in a sound a bit too raw for my taste. Of course, old school Bay Area Thrash should sound not like Enya, but there is a limit after which even my ears start to hurt. It's not the worst thing that was ever recorded, but it takes some points away from an album that is actually very good.

published 03.02.2008 | Comments (33)

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omne metallum
Finally, with the "Final Kill" version of Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!, we get some mixes that allow the music to shine through. This album has such complexities that previous mixes never managed to do justice. Killing Is My Business... blends technicality, heaviness and a jazzy approach to produce a near concise classic. The songs are strong, and sadly overlooked when it comes to 'Deth's back catalog.

published 07.04.2020 | Comments (2)


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Tage Westerlund
I like intro in a reviev, but daves problem is he wants that mega is better and bigger band as metal, he can not let it go and its biggest downfall of mega, but seems nowadays after so many years mega is bigger as meta.
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