Colosseum - Chapter 2: Numquam review


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Band: Colosseum
Album: Chapter 2: Numquam
Release date: January 2009

01. Numquam
02. Towards The Infinite
03. Demons Swarm By My Side
04. The River
05. Narcosis
06. Prosperity
07. Outro

With great shame yours truly admits that Colosseum's first album "Chapter I: Delirium" passed by him largely unnoticed. Yes, I knew who they were and that they were received well by everyone, but still, or perhaps it was just that, I never bothered to do some in depth research. Lucky for me the Finns of Colosseum then released a new album and I was the designated one to review it, and hell, they've sure proven that I should never have skipped them in the first place!

"Chapter II: Numquam" is a Funeral Doom album in the trademark Finnish style. You can count on slow dirges, deep and drawn out growls, the famous "hit bass drums-go to the restroom-come back-hit again"-type of drums. This band is a little faster than usual though, you can only make it back in time if you're only going for a quick number one. These basic ingredients are covered under a massive layer of synthesizers. If you're a fan of Shape Of Despair, you know exactly what this layer of synthesizers sounds like. Immense, sweet and melancholic are keywords for this wall of sound.

Within this enormous layer they have built the best part of their music: orchestral arrangements of such grand nature that they will even take the most seasoned Funeral Doom lover by surprise. Listen to the second half of "Towards The Infinite" to know what I mean. With great movements waves of melancholy forged by (synthesizer-) trumpets, cellos and soaring lead guitars sweep throughout the album, sparsely enough to still surprise and often enough to pleasure the listeners.

My only issue with the album is that it is a little on the safe side. This is a problem I have with more Finnish Funeral Doom bands, they often just lack that extra bite. Sadness can be translated into wonderful, beautiful music with free-flowing and emotive solos, immense walls of mourning and deeply anguished growls, but man, do I wish these guys would throw in an angrier, more fucked off part. But that's probably just me and my definition of depression.

By all means this is a great album for the (Funeral) Doom fanatic and it might even bring new fans to the genre. As for me? It's time for a long due purchase. Two, actually.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8


Written on 12.01.2009 by If you're interested in extreme, often emotional and underground music, check out my reviews. I retired from reviewing, but I really used to be into that stuff.


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12.01.2009 - 20:18
Looking forward to the impending release. nice work on the review.
get the fuck off my lawn.
13.01.2009 - 02:10
New funeral doom!? I'll check this out
13.01.2009 - 12:40
Mr. Noise
It'll be out tomorrow.
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

"The reason I'm running for president is because I can't be Bruce Springsteen." - Barack Obama
13.01.2009 - 16:18
Their debut is perferct for me. Surely I will get this new one.
13.01.2009 - 18:41
I just heard their debut. Really good funeral doom that fans shouldn't miss.
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13.01.2009 - 22:52
Mr. Vitutation
Nice review, Lucas. I just have to remind you all, that in addition to the layer of synthesizers, this album includes also real trumpet, cello, violin and flute. All of these are performed by session musicians.
03.02.2010 - 22:49
Excellent album. Recommended.
24.04.2010 - 17:36
It's average, unfortunately funeral doom metal sounds just like every other band that's in this genre. If your a fan of the genre, you'll love it, if you listened to the genre for years and got tired of it, you won't find anything new here.
25.04.2010 - 15:40
proofread free
Written by HardSide on 24.04.2010 at 17:36

It's average, unfortunately funeral doom metal sounds just like every other band that's in this genre. If your a fan of the genre, you'll love it, if you listened to the genre for years and got tired of it, you won't find anything new here.

I don't believe that Funeral Doom sounds the same at all , I am actually a fan of the genre and I found the album good but the Shape of despair influence is clear "maybe too clear" some synthe sections sounds exactly like Shape od Despair
The band is pretty strong but I still want more from them
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to be stared at from across the abyss
is not bold enough
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14.09.2011 - 22:17
Night Sight
I liked this one more than their other works
Alone in birth
Alone in the darkness
Alone in death
Alone in the daylight

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