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Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Licht review


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Band: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Album: Licht
Release date: August 2008

Disc I [CD]
01. Es Wird Schlimmer
02. Auf Die Liebe
03. Wir Sind Das Licht
04. Nach Der Ebbe
05. Adrenalin
06. Der Elende
07. Heut' Ist Der Tag
08. Wir Hoffen
09. Der Weg
10. Ein Lichtlein
11. Auferstehen Soll In Herrlichkeit

Disc II [DVD] [Digipack bonus]
+ Der Weg [Video]
+ Making Of The "Der Weg"
+ Monsterball - Das Reiter Game

The unpredictable Reiter are back with album number seven. The extravaganza band from Thüringen, Germany has been enjoying the spotlight directed on them following the very successful Riders on the Storm release in 2006.

While the new offering, Licht, strays from the winning formula of its precursor, it remains a dedicated effort despite the lighter tone of the songs and the tuned down devastating aggression. So from the start I give them the thumb up for avoiding releasing a clone of Riders on the Storm. These guys know better than to do that and lose the creative spirit that ranks them up there with bands upholding similar standards, bands such as Rammstein and Moonspell.

With long-time member Pitrone gone to enjoy a quieter lifestyle and the enigmatic woman Lady Cat-Man stepping in for him on guitars, some change were to be expected. However, it doesn’t feel like the driving force of the band is gone, far from it as a matter of fact. With multi-talented singer Fuchs as a skipper, the boat is well afloat. As long as you do not mind the mid-tempo pace of most of their new songs and a return of the daring neo-punk spirit that haunts their debut album, Licht should offer plenty to rejoice about.

‘Adrenalin’ is definitely one of the highlights despite that eerie feeling of listening to a variation of fellow Germans Rammstein sound. ‘Der Elende’ stands out as one of their best emotional ballads. In my opinion, ‘Der Weg’, ‘Ein Lichtlein’ and ‘Auferstehen soll in Herrlichkeit’ constitute the core of the album despite being the last three songs. The latter is nothing else than the best song on the entire record.

On the other hand, I recognize that some of the tracks on Licht feature choruses that might sound too pop-oriented for most listeners. And well, as I pointed out before the level of “in-your-face” guitar virtuosity and savagery is noticeable tuned down.

Licht deserves your attention, even if it is under a minute to determine that it is not for you. If you discovered the band only since Riders on the Storm though, you will possibly feel disappointed by this one, if not cheated. As for me, I already like this album despite its flaws and you might just find enough originality here to make you day.

Highlights: ‘Auferstehen soll in Herrlichkeit’, ‘Adrenalin’ and ‘der Elende’

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 9


Written on 18.01.2009 by Bringing you reviews of quality music and interesting questions such as:

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Staff review by
Baz Anderson
These riders of the storm have always been quite a strictly German affair, but over the past few years Die Apokalyptischen Reiter have broadened their horizons and now have interest from more than just one centralised area or Europe. After a massively successful previous album "Riders On The Storm" and hugely entertaining festival shows around Germany it would seem the perfect time to capitalise on the newfound popularity the band have managed to draw.

published 25.10.2008 | Comments (9)


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18.01.2009 - 19:26
A bit more positive than Barry's. After reading this I might consider listening to the album

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
18.01.2009 - 23:42
Rosetta Stoned
I don't like the lack of faster songs, and even if I've listened to the band for a couple of albums I think they succeded best with Riders on The Storm.
The pop choruses/melodies and the catchiness is the funny and great thing about this band IMO, but I don't think the choruses were as good as on older albums, there's no real "hits".

However, not a bad album, but not a favourite by the riders.

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