Norther - Till Death Unites Us review


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Band: Norther
Album: Till Death Unites Us
Release date: March 2006

01. Throwing My Life Away
02. Drowning
03. Norther
04. Everything
05. Evil Ladies
06. Omen
07. Scream
08. Fuck You
09. Alone In The End
10. Die
11. Wasted Years
12. The End Of Our Lives

I'm glad to be reviewing Norther's latest album, because without being a big fan of the band I've followed their career from their very beginning and I have much respect and appreciation for the music of these young Finns.

So we've come to the fourth album of the career of the band, and let me tell you that at first sight is good to see they put effort in their cover art, since only the one of their debut album really pleases me (Death Unlimited was an ugly, simplistic cover art). That gives me much to think about, how about their music? Last album was good, but not impressive, let's check out what's in store for us this time.

From the get-go I can tell something's different, "Throwing My Life Away" is a killer song with amazing riffs and melodies. The keyboards aren't as present as other releases, they're in the back, giving atmosphere to the music instead of taking a mayor role, and of course making some apparitions here and there, don't worry you keyboard freaks. The main role goes definitively for the guitars, the riffs are crunchy and upfront, very vivid.

After a couple of spins I can tell you that this is good material, Norther came up with something quite dynamic, energetic, vibrant. Songs like "Drowning", "Evil Ladies" and "Omen" are perfect examples of what Norther are capable of doing, not completely brutal, not completely melodic, the clean vocals in a couple of songs are a welcome addition as well. Other song that was quite good to hear was "Norther", on a side note the lyrics are made up of all the titles of their previous songs, just like Megadeth did on "Victory".

This album ranks second on my Norther albums list (I didn't expect them to match "Dreams Of Endless War" anyway). This is truly a fun album to listen, and you can notice these guys had fun doing it, and that's the important thing in this business, making music is supposed to be fun!
Excellent release by Norther, totally recommended.

Written by Undercraft | 22.02.2006



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09.12.2006 - 05:57
Account deleted
Good review. Really pleases me to see even this band doing better than Children of Bodom. CoB were pretty much the first to really go noticed for this genre of metal. Kalmah and Norther were the sort of "followers" but even they seem to be surpassing CoB right now because ever since CoB started caring so much for the mainstream, breaking their loyalty to the true fans, they've begun to sound like something that should be thrown away a.s.a.p. But this isn't about the crappy CoB, it's about Norther. And this was better than their last release, making it (like Undercraft said) their second best, after Dreams of Endless War.
03.04.2007 - 05:20
Danny Thomas
i like this one a lot, but i dont see why everyone has death unlimited ranked higher.
Our children are dead. Burnt in the ruins that were left by war.
26.04.2007 - 21:43
Forest Corm
Account deleted
I agree with everyone for the most part. It's deffiently not Norther's best work by all means. One thing needs to be made clear though, Children of Bodom and Norther are not as similar as people would like to think. When "Dreams of Endless War" came out it was shortly after Bodom's "Somthing Wild". Bodom was using Ibenez guitars, hence making their sound diffrent. Norther stuck with the same basic guitar sound during thier first album. So, the question is, who is really relating what to what. Is Bodom somewhat taking off Norther. Then you have to consider each band's sophmore albums "Hatebreeder" & "Mirror Of Madness". two completly diffrent things. Sure, they are both melodic Finnish metal. But since Hatebreed really capitlized for Bodom, and everyone, including myself, loves that album it may be assumed that Bodom really were the initiators of the sound. But really Norther had a more Bodom sound to begin with. The diffrence that has really stuck out is that Norther uses alot more keyboard voices. I just wanted to express my view on everybody comparing every single band with fast solos as screaming vocals to Bodom. As first this album it really kind of disapointed me in away. But then again, this is comeing off listening to "Dreams of Endless War" and "Mirror of Madness". "Till Death Unites Us' in my opinion, by no means, is a bad album. "Evil Ladies" is an awesome song that really got to what Norther is all about. A catchy chorus and kick ass solos. I do think Norther is somewhat running out of material though for their lyrics. "Fuck You" made me laugh more than anything allthough it is catchy. Over all, I think the only thing that really bothers me about the album is too many mid tempos. In a way the songs allways leave you wanting more but in a bad way. Norther still has my respect, and I love the album, but we all know they can do better.
26.04.2007 - 21:43
Forest Corm
Account deleted
my fiance is mad because i wrote more about metal than i did her
27.04.2007 - 18:07
Erotic Stains
It's a good album, no question about it. I like the sound, but how I want them to go back to their old sound from the two first albums!
01.08.2007 - 20:32
The song that rulezz this album is 'Norther'
20.09.2007 - 19:46
Wicked Mung
I think it's an awesome album really. Not necesserly underrated, but it's deffinitly catchy. I will give it a 8.

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