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Band: Dark Tranquillity
Album: The Gallery
Release date: November 1995

01. Punish My Heaven
02. Silence, And The Firmament Withdrew
03. Edenspring
04. The Dividing Line
05. The Gallery
06. The One Brooding Warning
07. Midway Through Infinity
08. Lethe
09. The Emptiness From Which I Fed
10. Mine Is the Grandeur...
11. ... Of Melancholy Burning
12. Bringer Of Torture [Kreator cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus]
13. Sacred Reich [Sacred Reich cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus]
14. 22 Acacia Avenue [Iron Maiden cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus]
15. Lady In Black [Mercyful Fate cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus]
16. My Friend Of Misery [Metallica cover] [Special Deluxe Edition bonus]

Caution! Cult album ahead. "The Gallery" is to Melodic Death Metal what "Images And Words" is to Progressive Metal, if not more. The essence of Sweden delivered by Dark Tranquillity is simply grandiose. The duo of singers Mikael Stanne-Anders Friden blows everything in its path while emblematic songs keep playing in your shitty CD player. I'll have to visit Gothenburg one day, as a pilgrim of Holy Metalness, I'm serious!

While the production is representative of the year, it doesn't alter the worth of "The Gallery". With such compositions, I guess nothing can come between this album and the hall of fame of Metal [if such a thing happens to exist]. Judge by yourself, 'Lethe' [best ballad ever in my opinion], 'Edenspring' [one of the best Melodic songs ever composed], 'Punish My Heaven' [among the best opening numbers ever]. Ever, ever, ever, you guessed it, "The Gallery" has what it takes to make its way into your cherished CD collection. You like female voices, no problem, you'll get some. You like catchy choruses, well, you'll knock on the right door my friend. Just listen to the last track '...Of Melancholy Burning' and you'll have to be amazed. Genius, talent, call it what you wish but share this music with pride because this album might be the best one you'll ever listen to. And it isn't one of these first impression review, I have been listening to this album ever since I got it [around 5 years ago].

I told you so at the beginning of this review, "The Gallery" is accurately considered one of the finest albums around. Melodic Death 101, if you want. Aren't you glad Dark Tranquillity is such an amazing band? Well, I am and I intend to shout the word to the crowds as long as I'll have to. Buy the damn album and punish your heaven, or you could also give up the ghost ignorant. See, you still have the choice… not!


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This is obviously my favourite album of my favourite band. So you can easily imagine that I only have nice things to say about it. So, why does this album reach perfection? Why is it, in my opinion, the best melodic death metal album ever released? Simply because it is the manifest of a band that perfectly masters its music, and above all that loves what it is doing. You can feel such love for the metal in general all along the eleven tracks of this work. It is actually the first real album of the band after the departure of the previous singer Anders Friden, gone to found their Swedish mates of In Flames. So this is also the first album with Mikael Stanne, former guitarist, on the vocals, after the EP Of Chaos and Eternal Night.

published 11.09.2003 | Comments (16)


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20.05.2010 - 22:00
This album is simply fantastic, an all-time favorite...It gets stuck in your mind forever...

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