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Band: Bible Of The Devil
Album: Freedom Metal
Release date: November 2008

01. Hijack The Night
02. Night Oath
03. The Turning Stone
04. Womanize
05. Heat Feeler
06. Ol' Girl
07. Greek Fire
08. 500 More

This is the first time that I hear something about Bible Of The Devil but this band seems to be really active with already five albums since 1999. They don't play in a popular category (at least in Europe) but their music, from what I heard on their last album "Freedom Metal" could be successful all around the world. The reason of this statement is simple: BOTD music is catchy and fun to listen to. BOTD is one of those bands who can give you good vibes in reason of their catchy songs. So if you want good Stoner or good Heavy Metal, I invite you to discover this new album.

People say that BOTD plays Stoner… It's a bit right on a side but if you're looking for something a la Spiritual Beggars, you'll be disappointed. The "problem" here is that the band is clearly influenced by NWOBHM bands and their typical melodies. On the other hand a song like "Ol' Girl" reminds me Hard Rock a la Thin Lizzy sauce and that's particularly cool. "Freedom Metal" is varied a bit conventional maybe but still catchy as hell and with good tunes really. "Freedom Metal" is an album which will federate a lot of people coming from different genres. Without any pretentions Bible Of The Devil is a release which will please the people who wants catchy and easy of access music. That's good thing right?

The voice of Mark Hoffman can be disturbing, especially if you're not into high pitched voice a la Ozzy. But all in all it fits to the music of Bible Of The Devil and the general Rock N Roll atmosphere that you'll hear on the album is classy. Between Heavy, Stoner and simple Rock N Roll, the last album of BOTD is a good refreshing release. Sure this is not so original but the melodies in the songs are catchy as hell and will simply give you the cool attitude of the headbanger. With its nice production and a funny cover which clearly represent the genre, "Freedom Metal" is a good release. I really think that the fan of modern Stoner and even Heavy Metal will like the album.

"Freedom Metal" is a good album. Don't expect anything new but if you like good tunes and catchy choruses; I'm sure that you'll have good moments when you'll listen to this release. Bible Of The Devil is not a revolutionary band but they know how to write and play good Metal. If you're looking for good riffs, "Freedom Metal" is highly recommended.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 14.02.2009



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15.02.2009 - 18:58
Horrible band name, corny title, but I'm intrigued. I think metal should be all about fun, and it doesn't really matter if the band's bringing about something new or not, as long as they just kick it.
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03.02.2010 - 15:20
Marcel Hubregtse
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I totally love this album only discovered BITD a couple of months ago. But they are like Slough Feg all about good catchy and fun heavy metal.
Ol' Girl is pure Thin Lizzy worship, gotta love that about this band.
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