Lacrimosa - Angst review


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Band: Lacrimosa
Album: Angst
Release date: 1991

01. Seele In Not
02. Requiem
03. Lacrima Mosa
04. Der Ketzer
05. Der Letze Hilfeschrei
06. Tranen Der Existenzlosigkeit

Lacrimosa didn't sound like they sound today in their earlier releases. To become the band we all know today they needed to take some steps forward. From album to album Tilo was making progress musically and was becoming more experienced on writing music full of emotions and personal experiences (the emotional depth of his lyrics is really unique and especially poetic). From the very beginning of Lacrimosa the figure of the happy/sad clown (happy smile/sad eyes) was present at their booklets, booklets that are being illustrated by Stelio Diamadopoulos.

"Angst" is their first release, an album written during the period 1990-1991 which indicates the main characteristics of the phenomenon named Lacrimosa. The main characteristics of Lacrimosa, Tilo's passionate and theatrical voice, the dramatic style of the band and the full of emotions compositions are in a primary phase and will be needed some more steps for Lacrimosa to reach this peak of quality, creativity and expressiveness. The compositions are mainly based on the atmosphere that the piano and the keyboards perform and they are not something affected. "Angst" was only the beginning.

The album begins with "Seele in Not" and the church organ's imposing melodies fill the room along with Tilo's eerie and menacing screams from above! The melancholic "Requiem" follows and the heart-rending piano melodies keep you chained into an ocean filled with tears. "Lacrima Mosa" that comes next is a dreamy and peaceful instrumental composition cutting the album in half.

The album continues with the various composition "Der Ketzer" which is filled with different emotions and atmospheres as the song keeps on going. The heavy guitar riffs steadily give their place to some cheerful keyboard melodies and then the church organ evokes along with an ethereal female voice evokes a gloomy devout atmosphere whilst Tilo is always there to fill the song with his unique expressive voice. "Der Letzte Hilfeschrei" follows, a mourning composition with deadly keyboard melodies and Tilo interpreting in a unique way.

The album ends with "Tranen der Existenzlosigkeit", a song based on the keyboards and the piano. The keyboards in combination with the piano perform a dreamy atmosphere. While the song continues the atmosphere becomes more and more melancholic; but the melancholy that you feel is not the depressive one, but a sweet nostalgic one and so ends the album leaving you in your own memories...

"Angst" is a must for all the Lacrimosa fans, but I would do recommend this album to the ones that like the sound that Lacrimosa have today and find out how they began and how they reached their nowadays' quintessence as the years started to pass by.


Written on 16.08.2004 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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