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Band: Anvil
Album: Metal On Metal
Release date: April 1982

01. Metal On Metal
02. Mothra
03. Stop Me
04. March Of The Crabs
05. Jackhammer
06. Heatsink
07. Tag Team
08. Scenery
09. Tease Me, Please Me
10. 666

Along with Accept and Manowar, Anvil were one of the last heavy metal bands to surface before thrash hit the scene. And like Accept and Manowar, Anvil released a landmark classic metal album in 1982. Unlike Accept and Manowar, following said landmark release Anvil's reputation never exceeded the status of a cult favourite. Whether the reason was bad timing, bad label support or bad luck, it sure as hell could not have been bad music.

The sound, both in terms of production and music, of Metal On Metal is quite similar to Manowar's début. Which translates into anthemic stomping heavy metal with still more than a passing hard rock influence. Anvil is however not nearly as self-conscious and serious (for lack of a better term) as Manowar. In fact the band displays a surprisingly light-hearted attitude and a welcome knack for writing humorous lyrics. While Metal On Metal might not be as heavy and intense as say Twisted Sister's Under The Blade (also released in 1982, man, what a great year) the band has come up with more than enough hooks to keep things interesting. Steve "Lips" Kudlow's lead guitar also does it's bit. The leads are never as flashy as expected by 80s metal but they are tastefully done, playing for the band instead of the other way around.

Side one (if you have the vinyl) is bit better than side two but that is really like treading the line between cool and awesome. Stop Me, for once not featuring Lips on vocals, and Scenery are good natured rockers and the album's most catchy and fun tracks. Tease Me, Please Me is the song with the most prominent hard rock influence and you can really picture the band getting the crowd to boogie to this one. Perhaps the most curious tracks are the epic Mothra and the speed metal onslaught of the closing 666. Both are well ahead of their time offering glimpses at what would become power and thrash metal.

With a band as likeable as Anvil, you just cannot figure what force held them down. Nevertheless, if you are into classic heavy metal or searching for a good introduction, Metal On Metal is a good place to start.

Written by DayFly | 15.02.2009


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This is everything metal is and should; if you don't have this record in your collection then you're not a true metal head. Metal On Metal is the sound of heavy metal and just as important as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Motörhead. When you listen to this album you will know the true meaning of metal. Whether it's killer riffs, guitar solos or sick drum beats Anvil will deliver it to you. They have a great sound it, reminds me of early Judas Priest records but heavier.

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15.02.2009 - 16:49
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
True that Metal On Metal is a great album, but imo it's follow-up Forged In Fire is just as strong, and at times even stronger due to the enhanced speed of it.
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15.02.2009 - 17:35
Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 15.02.2009 at 16:49

True that Metal On Metal is a great album, but imo it's follow-up Forged In Fire is just as strong, and at times even stronger due to the enhanced speed of it.

I'd agree with that, but that's another review
24.08.2011 - 13:14
Valentin B
This album is killer.. Mothra is imo the best song Anvil ever wrote, with that totally insane breakdown in the middle, which sounds like something Mustaine probably jacked off to while he was still in Metallica. the drums and guitars on this album imo are absolutely spectacular, and the lyrics are completely over the top but totally tongue in cheek. definitely one of my favorite classic metal albums.
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30.08.2017 - 01:56
Bad English
This album is a killer, maybe best, that shoukd bring abnd in higher place in metal ranks, but somehow it never did, somehow band lots something. I think if internet would be in 80's and all people would buy music as they did, this band thanks to net would be much higer and more popular as they are and was
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