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Band: Drug Honkey
Album: Death Dub
Release date: July 2008

01. My Sins
02. The Devil Lasts Forever
03. Death Threats
04. Communion
05. I Can Not
06. China Black (Heroin Pt.2) [Live version]
07. Burundi (Reconstruct)
08. Who The Fuck?

Every so often a band will come along that will broaden your horizons and make you see stuff that you have not seen or heard before and a band that has done that for me is Drug Honkey. The band is utterly unique there is no doubt or question about that.

Once the album kicks off with My Sins all of what I have just said becomes apparent. The sound is crushingly heavy while at the same time is sparse but is always very harsh. The air of claustrophobia that spills out of the speakers is all encompassing, just a complete air of desparation and bleakness - the opening vocals on The Devil Lasts Forever illustrates what I am talking about here. Then there is another side to Drug Honkey, China Black (Heroin Pt2) shows us this side of all encompassing power as in the guy has overcome the bleakness of the first half of the album and come out the other side a beast that nothing can take down and he has settled into a groove all his own - listen to Burundi (Reconstruct) for the groove I mean. This is the sound of that guy.

The songwriting is immense; this is completely original what is going on here - no peers. The musicianship is stellar, we know what Paul is capable of from his other projects - Morgue Supplier, Asscavern and KLLU, nothing is as you would expect - there are grooves that have never seen such harsh vocals over them and the way the album is produced with heavy guitars buried and a distorted bass over the top just ties everything together.

If you love heavy music and want to have your horizons broadened check out Drug Honkey - I did and never looked back.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

Written by Davebrutalmetal | 06.08.2009


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When you're a reviewer you sometimes find yourself stumbling across some very weird yet interesting material. And, oh boy, this one is so insanely intriguing I didn't hit the jackpot, I think that jackpot just hit me. Yes, I'm talking about that kind of disturbing.

SPOILER WARNING: if you're paranoid, listening to this album may cause motion sickness to the naked man standing right behind you.

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