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Band: The Answer
Album: Everyday Demons
Release date: March 2009

01. Demon Eyes
02. Too Far Gone
03. On And On
04. Cry Out
05. Why'd You Change Your Mind
06. Pride
07. Walkin' Mat
08. Tonight
09. Dead Of The Night
10. Comfort Zone
11. Evil Man
12. Silent Revolution [bonus]

When you have the chance to be the opener act of AC/DC world tour, there are only two reasons. Or you have a really good manager or you're talented. The Answer probably has a good manager but believe me, if they're touring with the legendary Australian band, this is probably because they're just a fantastic young Rock band. Their first album "Rise" was a pure blast for me and the ones who had the chance to listen to it. I can tell you that I was awaiting a lot their new release. "Everyday Demons" is in my hand now and wow this is a real confirmation even if some bluesy groovy tunes are missing this time… whatever enough speaking let's just talk a bit about this new release.

If you like old school 70's bluesy Hard Rock, in two words if you like Led Zep or AC/DC, you must like The Answer, that's a simple fact! Their music is cool groovy melodic old school Hard which will remind you the 70's right but with some cool modern touches. Definitely it's good to see that some young dudes still want to play such kind of music. But how is "Everyday Demons" then? Well the new release is definitely heavier especially with some songs like "Demon Eyes" or "Too Far To Gone". The riffs are aggressive even if of course the bluesy spirit is still present. Also, it's obvious that it's a bit more personal and less inspired by the legendary bands of the genre. On the other hand a lot of songs are a maybe bit too cool and mellow for me and if "Rise" was like a big kick in the ass from the beginning to the end, "Everyday Demons" is maybe not so surprising, not so groovy. I'm not saying that the album is bad, at the opposite this is a really good album but the band has maybe lost some craziness while getting more maturity. "Everyday Demons" is "cool" album, this word is just perfect to describe it. Ok some songs are pure Hard Rock but all in all this is just cooler and a bit more FM.

Once again the voice of Cormac Neeson is just impressive. This guy is without any doubt one of the best singers of the whole Rock (and not only Metal) scene. His is just classy like his three other band mates who are all really professional from the rhythmic dudes to the lead guitar played by Pau Mahon who, one more time, plays truly convincing guitar soli. The cover art is simple as hell, but at least you'll not miss it and the production is modern but fits perfectly to the old school music of the combo. No really everything is good here, and you shouldn't be disappointed except if you were looking for something furious…

"Everyday Demons" confirms all my hopes. The Answer is just a classy band and I'm sure that we will hear a lot of good things about them especially after this big tour with AC/DC. If you like good Rock please have a look at this release (and don't forget "Rise" too). Remember my words people, this is just a beginning and The Answer will become extremely famous soon or later. "Everyday Demons" is just a good release of Rock n Roll, a real refreshing return to the past…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 22.03.2009



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