Beseech - Souls Highway review


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Band: Beseech
Album: Souls Highway
Release date: 2002

01. Illusionate
02. Between The Lines
03. Souls Highway
04. Blinded
05. Endless Waters
06. Fiction City
07. Sunset 28
08. A Last Farewell
09. A Season In Green
10. Beyond The Skies
11. Gimme Gimme Gimme [Abba cover]

During 2001, after the monumental "Black Emotions" (2000) and a successful tour with Theatre of Tragedy and Lacuna Coil, Jörgen Söberg, lead singer and one of the members that formed Beseech back in 1992, decided to leave the band. And then comes Erik Molarin, a charismatic singer to replace Jörgen Sjöberg. Erik Molarin's deep melodic voice will help the band forget their doom/death influences that started to fade from "Black Emotions" and search pure gothic soundscapes (the gothic rock influences in the sound of Beseech become more intense but without losing their metal identity). From now on Lotta Höglin's role in Beseech will be greater for she sings more and she has the chance to prove what a beautiful voice she has. Erik Molarin led Beseeh in a new highway, "Soul's Highway".

The album begins with a lovely song, "Illusionate", in which Erik and Lotta show what a lovely duet they are with their expressive voices harmonizing wonderfully. The next song that follows is "Between the Lines", one of my favorite songs, an utterly emotional composition with both Lotta and Erik expressing themselves in a unique way; a song that will overrun your souls from its very first melody until its last. "Soul's Highway", a wonderful up-tempo composition, comes next and then follows a beautiful-sounding atmospheric piece, "Blinded" with Lotta and Erik enchanting the listener for one more time.

The melodies keep overrunning the listener with "Endless Waters", a mid-tempo composition filled with melancholy for one of a couple is passing away, yet there's always hope that they'll meet again. "Fiction City" that follows is one of my favorite compositions of "Soul's Highway", a mid-tempo one filled with emotion.

"Sunset 28" continues the album in a bleak way, with both music and lyrics exuding melancholic visions through the mourning atmosphere, a song dedicated to a "diamond that lost her world that day". "A Last Farewell" follows, an inspired composition with beautiful keyboard melodies.

The painful melodies of "A Season in Green" leaves scars behind with both Lotta and Erik expressing in a dramatic way the bleak lyrics harmonizing with the melancholic music. The album ends with the tranquil outro. Finally the spirit through "Soul's Highway" has reached its final place of rest "Beyond the Skies".

The limited digipack edition of the album contains as a bonus track a brilliant cover on Abba's "Gimme Gimme Gimme" which sounds as if it was one of Beseech's own songs.

Beseech started becoming well-known with "Black Emotions", but the album that made them approach a wide audience was definitely "Soul's Highway", an album that received extraordinary reviews by the music print worldwide. Personally, I prefer "Black Emotions" and "From a Bleeding Heart", but "Soul's Highway" is a must for the gothic metal fans!

"Read between the lines
And maybe you'll find out
What they are made of
Why they shine so bright"


Written on 23.08.2004 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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