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Carpathian Forest - Skjend Hans Lik review


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Band: Carpathian Forest
Album: Skjend Hans Lik
Release date: June 2004

01. Skjend Hand Lik [alternate mix version]
02. Humiliation Chant [unreleased version]
03. Spill The Blood Of The Lamb [pre-production version]
04. Martyr / Sacrificulum [live]
05. Through The Black Veil Of The Bergo Pass
06. Bloodlust And Perversion
07. Return Of The Freezing Winds
08. The Woods Of Wallachia
09. Wings Over The Mountain Of Sighisoara

"Skjend Hans Lik" is not the new album of the Norwegian band Carpathian Forest, but It's more a compilation with live, unreleased songs, a demo of 1992 "Bloodlust And Perversion" and a video. This album is like a little résumé of the career of this unique band and at the end this album, I'm sure, will be certainly for the fans and maybe even only for them.

If you are a fan of the band, this album is for you because you could listen to some unreleased tracks, a song played in live "Martyr / Sacrificulum" and the more interesting parts of the cd, in my opinion, the demo "Bloodlust And Perversion" [1992] plus you could see a very good video live of the band.
About the 4 first tracks of this album, I must say that the songs are good, not really the kind of songs that you can't forget but the 4 songs are correct with a good sound even for the live, and the first one "Skjend Hans Lik" is a good introduction in the music of the band for the ones who don't know it again.
And the good point with this albums is that you could see the evolution of the music of Carpathian Forest because "Bloodlust And Perversion" is the first demo of the band, and it could be easy for you to see all that. Good songs [not the best ones of the band of course because it's old ones…] with a good sound and it's good to see how the band sounded in the early 1992.
If you want to know this demo then this album is for you but for the others, I'm not sure that you could find any interest in it. And this is my problem, with this kind of album. This is not a bad one but is it a real good one for a common Metal Head? I'm not sure and at the end only the fans will find an interest in it.
Good point however, the video live which is of a real good quality and believe me that it's a good addition for this cd.

As a conclusion I will say that this album is for the fans, only… If you don't know them and want to be into Carpathian Forest, you could try some others albums it will be more beneficial I'm sure.

Written by Jeff | 29.08.2004



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12.01.2007 - 10:36
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
The first Carpathian forest album I ever bought, and I listen to it frequently, 'martyr/sacrificulum' and 'Skjend Hand Lik' are amazing tracks. Alot of dry tracks on it though, I wouldve rated more a 7.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
12.01.2007 - 23:58
Bitch Boy
It was my first CF too, and I liked and got me into their stuff, but I think that @Jeff is right, maybe getting some of their studio albums is better for those who don't know them that much.

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