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Turrigenous - A Slight Amplification review


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Band: Turrigenous
Album: A Slight Amplification
Release date: November 2008

01. A Slight Amplification
02. Emptiness, Darkness, Acceptance
03. War Inside

Introducing a new, rather peculiar sound to people isn't always the easiest thing to do, and sometimes it helps by referring to more well-known bands to pass on your main idea. So allow me to put it this way, Turrigenous would be the point where bands like Megadeth and Iced Earth would clash with Dream Theater. And although one must realize this comparison is rather plain-spoken and thus far from accurate, it should give that same one a clear first idea of what Turrigenous have in store on their "A Slight Amplification" EP.

One lurking aspect of my introductory comparison that is however really spot-on to say the least is the omnipresence and dominance of a clear and almost typical US metal sound - an absolute plus on the release actually. Songs are structured with a lot of hooks, pace changes and rhythm alternations winding up in a dynamic, yet coherent, concise and above all consistent sound, making this a pretty straight-forward release in a very convincing way. As a result Turrigenous sound quite mature, sober-minded but most of all outrageously vintage as fuck. Though, not only sound wise, production wise but also contact wise this band looks very mature and professional. Seriously I've never seen such a highly-professional press kit - consider the latter irrelevant statement as a nice anecdote to reflect the general attitude of this band. The sad irony in all this is that despite the band's promising potentiality they're somehow lacking a bit in perseverance and originality, yet only remarkable if you listen to the EP a couple of times in a row.

Although songs are quite lengthy, this high-quality EP is just way too short. I want more!! Surely not for everyone, but altogether "A Slight Amplification" is a showcase of a certain amount of potential and quality of a hardworking band that knows how to bring an utmost brand of progressive driven heavy metal.

Written by Thryce | 05.04.2009



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