L'Esprit Du Clan - Chapitre IV - L'Enfer C'est Le Notre review


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Band: L'Esprit Du Clan
Album: Chapitre IV - L'Enfer C'est Le Notre
Release date: February 2009

01. Intro
02. Violente Mélancolie
03. Nouvelle Drogue
04. Je Regarde Le Monde
05. La Nuit
06. J'aime
07. La Théorie Des Armures
08. L'avenir Sera
09. Entre Les Lignes
10. Nos Désirs Sont Désordres
11. Instable
12. Interlude
13. L'Enfer C'est Le Notre

L'Esprit Du Clan is one of those French bands which is constantly on the road in our country but never really crossed our frontiers. The thing is that the band play(ed)s French Hardcore with French lyrics and, like Black Bomb A for example, never had any chances to catch a lot of fans outside of France (except in Switzerland and Belgium probably). After three successful album, they're finally back with their last effort, "L'Enfer C'est Le Notre" so let's see if we're in front of a release which will change something in the career of the French combo…

First minutes, first changes… If the previous releases of L'Esprit Du Clan were some kind of gnarling urban Hardcore with two powerful singers, "L'Enfer C'est Le Notre" seems to be a lot more formatted. Sure this is probably a good solution to gain popularity but now that the band plays some kind of common Metalcore, their music doesn't have the same charm anymore. "L'Enfer C'est Le Notre", obviously, was written to attract other metalheads and even if it will work, this is a bit sad that the band didn't manage to keep its own personality to become a lot more ordinary… Ok, some songs like "Nouvelle Drogue" have good riffs but all in all this is simple Metalcore and all the ones who use to listen to this kind of music won't have any new surprises here. The new L'Esprit Du Clan is not bad release too but it simply doesn't give anything new and that's a pity…

The average production doesn't help too! Not that the album was bad recorded but it's not really well mixed and the voices of the singers which were one of the major force of the previous releases are just overwhelmed by the powerful guitars. Oki the album doesn't lack of energy at least but, as you know, simply lacks of charm… Maybe that the band should try to clearly mix their old and new influences, it could really be original…

"L'Enfer C'est Le Notre" is not bad but this is certainly the most average release of the combo. Maybe that some new people will talk about the band but this compromise is not especially good in my opinion. Let's just hope that the next album will be a lot more surprising, they can do it. "L'Enfer C'est Le Notre" remains a good album of Metalcore, just not an original one…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 05.04.2009



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06.04.2009 - 19:39
Lord Of Jörg
A good review. This album is not a bad album, but it's not a good album too. The "Corpus Delicti" was better :/

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