Cemetery Of Scream - Frozen Images review


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Band: Cemetery Of Scream
Album: Frozen Images
Release date: January 2009

01. Bluebird
02. Prince Of The City Lights
03. Cat's Grin
04. The Bridge Of Ashes
05. In Your Blood
06. Golden Lullaby
07. Ritual Fire Dance
08. Black Flowers
09. A Million As One (As A Million)
10. Geisha Out Of Dreams
11. Sapphire Sun
12. Night In White Satin [The Moody Blues cover] [bonus]

Poland is a big Metal country specialized in dark music. When their bands don't play Black or Death Metal, they use to play Gothic or Doom stuff. Cemetery Of Scream is one of those really good polish combos and since that they don't play "violent" music, you probably already understand that they play Gothic stuff! Their new album "Frozen Image" is nice, full of different influences, I think that the fans should have a look at it because in my opinion this is probably their best release and a lovely album of dark Metal…

Cemetery Of Scream managed to create an album which, even if it's clearly influenced by a lot of other bands, sounds personal. Sure, some people will think about Moonspell, some other about Katatonia or even My Dying Bride but in any way you'll have the feeling that it's a copycat. Actually, "Frozen Image" is just a perfect melting pot of dark and gothic Metal genres. The band is maybe not the most famous combos in the genre but such kind of release should create a little fuzz and it wouldn't be a usurped. The songs all have a good general sad and melancholic ambiance and the melodies are all really beautiful. The deep voice of Olaf Rozanski gives something else to the music which remains accessible and not boring but not commercial too. I could talk about each songs to describe the whole album but, even if it's not linear, the album is a solid bloc which will tell you a real story from the beginning to its end. The best thing to do is to close your eyes and listen to the album in one time because it's homogenous.

Also, it's becoming a trading-mark of the Polish recordings and albums, the production of the release is extremely good. Nice artwork, nice sound etc, this is even better than the productions of some big famous new Metal release. The musicians, who all have other projects (if you wanna check) are good performers, there is absolutely nothing wrong which should be mentioned. "Frozen Image" is just a good album in the genre, and a perfect way to discover a band which started its career at the beginning of the 90's…

Fans of Gothic Metal, "Frozen Image" is a must. The music of the band is original with a real personality and really you should have a look at it if you like to listen to melancholic music. At least this album gave me the feeling that I should listen to this band and its discography which is always a good thing. I will keep an eye on this band and you should do the same…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 23.04.2009



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23.04.2009 - 18:06
Account deleted
Nice review I'll check it for sure, I liked words about Melancholic huhu, so i'll check them as soon as possible.
05.06.2010 - 02:07
Account deleted
It's not a melancholic, slow vibe throughout but actually quite varied. The pace picks up for some songs and there's even some guitar solos here and there. It's a great album.
28.07.2010 - 01:52
This album is really a jewel in the dark/gothic metal scene.
12.11.2011 - 22:33
Learning To "X"
I'd like to check this out, as bands from Poland are usually quite exquisite.
"There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. And then you accept it. Or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking in mirrors."

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