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Band: Geïst
Album: Galeere
Release date: May 2009

01. Galeere
02. Einen Winter Auf See
03. Durch Lichtlose Tiefen
04. Helike
05. Unter Toten Kapitänen

No need to lie and tell you that I was familiar with Geïst before that I listened to this album but their new release, "Galeere" just convinced me to check their whole discography. At first, I thought that it was simply a new band of Black Metal but they're more than that and I think that you should have a look at their new release to understand that Geïst's music is just really deep. Black Metal purists will maybe say that it's not true Black and they will be right but if you like Suicidal Black, Pagan Metal and even Prog, you'll simply discover something great.

"Galeere" is a really open-minded release. The music is a real melting pot of different genres and it works really well because the songs, from the beginning to the end are all deep as hell but always with the melody which will entertain you as much as possible. The vocals are the only real link with classic Black, they're heavy, raw and aggressive but the music and its structure cannot be compared to classic Black. The songs can be slow, and become faster (with Pagan melodies) and finally turn into something really different, with piano for example. I really like the Progressive side of the music, this is not a simple basic structure, verse, chorus, verse etc. This is progressive, not Prog Metal of course but enough complex to be categorized in the genre and I like it yes. Sure, I don't have the pretention to be the master of Black Metal because this is not my favorite Metal music and that's probably why I really like "Galeere" but with a bit of objectivity I think that a lot of people, including pure Black Metal fans, should love a lot the release. This is not simple, this is original, varied and intelligent.

As you know, the album is not a classic Black Metal release and the band didn't choose to have a crusty recording but a good one. On the other hand, their music deserved it in my opinion in reason of all the different things that we can find in it. Its interpretation is also really good, Geïst is a band which plays complex music and does it well. Even the cover-art rocks actually, seriously this is a great discovery for me.

"Galeere" is a nice album which features a lot of different musical influences. This is of course this good originality which sublime its interest and the fact that five long songs are all surprising, in addition to be good of course. Don't believe that "Galeere" lacks of violence, the songs are all powerful, but like with Vreid and even Shining music, they have something else to give to the listeners. Everybody who likes deep music should like this release, from the fans of the most extreme music to the fans of "elitist" ones. Geïst's last release is highly recommended if you're looking for something different.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 06.05.2009



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06.05.2009 - 17:08
Carrion Misery
Interesting stuff. Sort of reminds me of Keep of Kalessin here and there.I think I might buy this one. I'll listen a little more to their myspace.
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06.05.2009 - 18:17
You woke my curiosity so i will defenitly check this out:)
06.05.2009 - 19:35
They definitely sounded pretty decent at worst so I'll be looking out for this.
13.05.2009 - 03:23
Haven't listened to much studio material yet, but they definitely rule live. Guess I'll have to give this album a spin some time.
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18.05.2009 - 21:10
...and if you speak German, Galeere has some interesting metaphors.
I'm just after listening to that album for the first time, "Unter toten Kapitänen" still playing, and it fucking hit me. That's a direct 10 points.

Listeners of Nocte Obducta, said Shining, Lunar Aurora or similar bands should definitely give this a try. Generally interesting for people who like dismal, atmospheric black metal of a more modern kind (meens not as intrumentally one-dimensional as Ambient Black like Paysage d'Hiver etc).
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18.05.2009 - 21:54
Red Nightmare
My ears could actually enjoy this, I'll give it a try.
IntoPlighT said: "Slipknot is 15 years old how the fuck is that Nu metal?"

17.11.2009 - 05:13
Eddie Misery
Just got the album today and have listened to it twice already. Definitely explores a more ambient (but active) side of black metal. It has plenty to offer and is most certainly a worthy addition to any collection.
06.11.2019 - 10:44
Bad English
Nice worl Jean Francoise ...and classic bm, theat rawsih Norwegian sound dont works in modern days , all is involved, BM has its roots its believes and strong back ground but newer bands creates better BM, this is example, its amazing.
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