Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon review


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Band: Ozzy Osbourne
Album: Bark At The Moon
Release date: May 1983

01. Bark At The Moon
02. You're No Different
03. Now You See It (Now You Don't)
04. Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
05. Centre Of Eternity
06. So Tired
07. Slow Down
08. Waiting For Darkness
09. Spiders
10. One Up The B-Side [2002 remaster bonus]

This album (talking about the remastered version) should have been called 'Unfulfilled great expectations' or maybe it should have never been released. A single of the title track should have been enough. Now here a few reasons why Ozzy shouldn't carry the title of 'prince of darkness' or whatever he's been called:

1st: Bark At The Moon (the title track) is the only real piece of metal on this album. A song worth 10 points, but it's the only highlight.

2nd: 'You're no different' and 'So tired' are pop ballads, a little darkness here a little sadness there doesn't make them metal and the drums or guitars don't do their part either.

3rd: 'Now you see it' is a quite good heavy rock track, but it's lacking the punch through energy. It rather gets lost in between verse and bridge or verse and chorus. You think there should be a climax, but it's a baisse instead... same counts for Rock N Roll Rebel, which is carried by good riffs, but the spirit gets lost in between again.

4th: 'Centre Of Eternity' could have been god if the keys wouldn't eliminate the guitar, it's way too thin and the synthesized intro of one minute is rather lenghty.

5th 'Slow Down' carried again by nice riffs is killed by the spirit of 80's pop music that is reflected again by the keyboard on this song. Metal elimination through pop seems to be the credo. Only the solo is a quite positive point here.

6th: 'Waiting for darkness' has a promising intro, but the idea is not carried out enough and the song is rather poor.

7th: 'Spiders' and 'One Up The B'Side' both give me nothing, while the latter still rocks in some way 'Spiders' is really the worst track on the album.

Among the given 10 songs 9 are minuses and 1 is a plus, leading to the conclusion that you rather get yourself the title track somewhere else and leave the rest alone unless you're a die hard Ozzy fan, then everything for you is a must have. Although considering the frustration about the death of his bandmate and close friend Randy Rhoads and the partly well self-reflected lifestyle of Ozzy this album is noting but average = 5.0

Written by Pierre Tombale | 16.09.2004



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13.05.2008 - 21:32
Jason W.
I just happened to be listening to this CD, as I am ripping it for my collection into my computer, and don't recall eveer seeing this review... However, it's not much different than what my opinion is for this CD. The title track is by far the best for me, and the song "So Tired" is about is cringe-worthy as I can think of for Ozzy's 80s stuff. I doubt I'll be torturing myself with that song anytime soon now that I've put this in mp3 form
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16.10.2008 - 08:29
Nicko's Nose
Ridiculously underrated.

Same thing for Ultimate Sin.
20.01.2010 - 17:51
Written by Nicko's Nose on 16.10.2008 at 08:29

Ridiculously underrated.

Same thing for Ultimate Sin.

Yes, this is a very underrated album... Some parts are too "melodic", but the average quality of the songs is high I think. No masterpiece at all, but a good album!!!
19.03.2010 - 19:27
Unasuming Madnes
Written by Nicko's Nose on 16.10.2008 at 08:29

Ridiculously underrated.

Same thing for Ultimate Sin.

Also gonna agree with you. Sure the title track is probably the best song (although over played), there really isn't a bad song on here surprisingly (except I'm Tired). Between the fun atmosphere the album plays off of and Ozzy vocal hooks, it just has such a synergistic effect. My only qualms with this album is despite everything being good on this album, theres nothing really all that GREAT which hasn't been overplayed on the radio.
03.02.2011 - 16:46
Great album. Underrated
Goodspeed on the Devils Thunder
23.07.2015 - 20:11
Bad English
'You're no different' and 'So tired' are pop ballads,

more you live more US bands can be like pop bands , pop balad bands what are listed in metal list
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