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Band: Immortal Remains
Album: Everlasting Night
Release date: April 2009

01. Intro
02. Xeper
03. The Hunting
04. Everlasting Night
05. Die Nacht
06. Goatpath
07. Insomnia
08. Thorn
09. Keys
10. Outro

After an Intro (lovingly named "Intro", I continue this review deeply admiring the creativity evident in the song names) the first track "Xeper" starts. Starting with a high-pitched scream a la Dani Filth, it turns out to be a melodic black metal song. Not an extremely original one, not super-awesome either, but not bad, pretty enjoyable actually. "Xeper" is followed by "The Hunting", this one is more interesting than the previous, it starts out with a nice melody. Unfortunately though, after two minutes I get tired of it, it doesn't have enough bite, neither does it have awesome orchestrations, nor a dramatic atmosphere; it doesn't have that much at all, still it's not bad.

This is where everything goes downhill. The next songs "Everlasting Night" and "Die Nacht" (The Night) are about as interesting as a wet carrot. The album still holds a few small highlights; the heavier "Insomnia" is actually really good. But as a whole, the album seems rather cold to me. And I'm not talking about cold as in the arctic, heartless awesomeness of "Sons Of Northern Darkness" for example; I'm not talking about coldness as of something so beautiful it sends shivers down my spine either. The coldness I'm talking about is more comparable to making love to a deeply-catholic girl who's afraid of going to hell if she actually enjoys it. Or rather as in cold macaroni, no one likes cold macaroni.

Anyway, the musicianship on Everlasting Night is pretty solid. Vocal duties are being shared between founding member Guido Dürr, who does deep growls, and Andreas Hohwieler, responsible for the high shrieking. The problem is just that the album seems to be completely devoid of any creativity. Every song sounds similar, and every single riff sounds like I've heard it before. There's not a single outstanding thing about the whole band, they know how to play their instruments, that's for sure, but that's all there is.

If Immortal Remains were a new band, I would have been a lot friendlier in this review, they're not though. They were founded in 2000 and have released 3 promos prior to Everlasting Night. As far as I'm concerned, they've had enough time to get some personality (or some bite, more drama, or simply more awesomeness) into their music by now.

In case you're a huge fan of Cradle Of Filth's The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh, you might dig this, seeing that Immortal Remains are trying to sound exactly like that. Otherwise I'd recommend you to skip this CD, not because it's god-awful, but because there are so much better bands in this style.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 4
Production: 5

Written by Bas | 17.05.2009



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17.05.2009 - 18:45
Mr. Noise
Just gave them a try and I agree with your review. Well-executed but pretty boring and lifeless too. I'd personally rate it just a tad higher, a couple of tens or so, but apart from that I fully agree.
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17.05.2009 - 21:18
I must admit this is one of the bands that fail to keep the listeners' their music, as already hearing first seconds made me not want to listen anymore.

And the review is pretty much your standard way to go, Bas .. with some really funny comparisions added in xD
17.05.2009 - 23:03
Underpaid M.D.
I like cold macaroni but didn't like this album hehehe.
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18.05.2009 - 00:22
Retired Staff
Written by Lucas on 17.05.2009 at 18:45

I'd personally rate it just a tad higher, a couple of tens or so, but apart from that I fully agree.

Keep in mind that the first track on their Myspace page is actually my favourite song on the CD

Written by Lily_Lazer on 17.05.2009 at 21:18

.. with some really funny comparisions added in xD


Written by Daggon on 17.05.2009 at 23:03

I like cold macaroni

You sir, are not normal in that case
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18.05.2009 - 00:36
How dare you! Wet carrots have character.
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19.05.2009 - 00:43
Retired Staff
Written by destroyah on 18.05.2009 at 00:36

How dare you! Wet carrots have character.

Well, not very much
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