Kreator - Past Life Trauma review


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Band: Kreator
Album: Past Life Trauma
Release date: 2000

01. Betrayer
02. Pleasure To Kill
03. When The Sun Burns Red
04. Endless Pain
05. Winter Martyrium
06. Flag Of Hate
07. Extreme Aggression
08. After The Attack
09. Trauma
10. People Of The Lie
11. Renewal
12. Terrible Certainty
13. Love Us Or Hate Us
14. Total Death
15. Europe After The Rain
16. Under The Guillotine
17. Terror Zone
18. Tormentor

Oh, a compilation album, some hate them, some love them, which side I'll take? Well, depends, if a compilation album is a worthless effort take money out of your fans, I'm against it, on the contraire, a compilation album is a good way to get a clearer view of the progression of a band, and grab new fans along the way.

Kreator is a great band and no one can deny that, they traveled the world and they're one of the more important bands that came out from the eighties, they even played here in Peru!
A Best Of… was due a long time ago, but instead of doing just one album with hits from all their productions, they decided to give us the best of from 1985 to 1992, time where the best songs of the band were composed.

The album has 18 songs, 4 of them are rare tracks. The album begins with "Betrayer" a song that needs no introduction, then they counter with an oldie, "Pleasure To Kill" then "When The Sun Burns Red" from the critically acclaimed "Coma Of Souls", other great songs included in this album are "Terror Zone", "Terrible Certainly", "Renewal" and one of my personal favorites (and I bet of many of you) "People Of the Lie", as a special treat there is the rare live song "Europe After The Rain", which is singed entirely in their native tongue, German.

I don't really have the need to describe each song to everyone, since many of you already have listened them, this is a compilation album, from the peak of Kreator's career , for all of you that doesn't know this influential band, this compilation album could be a good start, for those of you that doesn't decide which Kreator album is the best, you might want to pick this one up, sure it will bring some memories… few words for a great album.

Written by Undercraft | 25.09.2004



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24.01.2009 - 19:20
Missing 2 songs here, and thoose are "Riot Of Violence" & "Coma of souls". But you can´t get everything can you??
30.06.2009 - 21:45
Yeah those two songs are my among my favorites
01.07.2009 - 12:14
Because of the rare songs, i believe it is a worthy complilation. but not a best of. there are some songs that are the bands best and some other that are just the bands representative comparing them to others..
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