Transcending Mortality - The Mirrors Eye review

Band: Transcending Mortality
Album: The Mirrors Eye
Release date: 2009

01. The Mirrors Eye
02. Withering

The Metal scene is so prolific… and when I just imagine that one day, South America and even China will find a way to spread a lot more their music all around the world, I'm quite sure that we will discover a ton of new golden mines… One other country which is not the so famous for Metal (except for Hard Rock of course), is probably Australia. I'm not saying that nothing good or famous come from the land of the kangaroos but as you can know, there is not a ton of bands which cross the oceans and find real success in Europe or USA…. This is sad and stupid because the scene is just composed of a ton of really great unknown bands, and Transcending Mortality is one of them!

"The Mirrors Eye" is the last release of the combo and their first EP. Maybe that some of you remember the review that I wrote about their first album "The Last Horizon". This album was a cool compromise between Power Metal and Prog but "The Mirrors Eye" seems to be a bit different now. This time this is clearly more Progressive with an interesting change of direction which put the bands into the step of the 70's Prog Rock bands. Sure Transcending Mortality still plays Metal but the main influences on this release comes from Prog Rock and bands like Rush for example. This is really melodic, not fast or blasting but groovy as hell and jazzy now. I like this new kind of music, I think that the band found the way to become a lot more touching. Their two melancholic songs are nice. This is deep and complex with classy solo, but all in all this is cool a bit like the ballads of Dream Theater (I'm talking about the good ones, not "I Walk Beside You"…). I don't know if the whole next album will be like that, and on a side I hope too that the band will add some more powerful songs but those two mid tempo songs are more than promising…

One more time the performance of Mike Zoias is really good. Mike's voice is not perfect but unique and gives emotions. His technical is good and he clearly can sing really high without sounding cheesy. Sure with some work it could become absolutely "crazy" but at least this is a good addition to the music of the band which is really well composed and interpreted anyway. If you like progressive songs with a lot of arpeggios and a lot of different changes of melodies from the beginning to the end, you'll like a lot "The Mirror Eyes" and "Withering"…

Transcending Mortality's new EP is really promising. I'm still waiting for their next album which should be excellent if the band follows this way. Seriously if you like cool Progressive Metal, "The Mirror Eyes" is something that you should check. Transcending Mortality is a promising Aussie band, I hope, really that you'll give them a chance to cross the frontiers of Oceania continent…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 26.06.2009



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26.06.2009 - 09:45
I saw this at Utopia the other day. Good to see they're releasing more music, I should check this one out. Maybe I'm just being pedantic but the first thing I notice (and keep noticing) is the lack of apostrophe in "mirrors" =P.
26.06.2009 - 17:30
Dane Train
Beers & Kilts
Sounds interesting. This is not a band I have heard of yet, so I am gunning for their material now.
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