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Band: Stream Of Passion
Album: The Flame Within
Release date: May 2009

01. The Art Of Loss
02. In The End
03. Now Or Never
04. When You Hurt Me The Most
05. Run Away
06. Games We Play
07. This Endless Night
08. My Leader
09. Burn My Pain
10. Let Me In
11. Street Spirit
12. A Part Of You
13. All I Know
14. Far And Apart [bonus]

Main songwriters leaving the band can often result in questionable follow-up albums (Yes I'm talking to you Soilwork and Vision Divine). You have to admire a band that shoulders the burden of responsibility, without the commander-in-chief calling the shots. With only two original members left from their excellent debut Embrace The Storm, Stream Of Passion are most notably without musical mastermind Arjen Lucassen at the helm. Nevertheless, they've defied expectations and released their second studio album titled The Flame Within.

Stream Of Passion oozes enough of their own originality, yet call upon Within Temptation and Evanescence several times, albeit not as operatic or mainstream as those gothic metal heavyweights. Vocalist Marcelo Bovio, who first appeared with a major singing part on Lucassen's 2004 album The Human Equation, is without doubt in the cream of the vocal crop. The young Mexican displays a fantastic range, with a soothing and melodious voice, that along with the excellent keyboard work, often carries the song on her own.

"When You Hurt Me The Most" shows Bovio and indeed the whole band at the top of their game, showcasing one of the catchiest choruses on the album. Indeed, along with "In The End" and "Let Me In" to name a few, incredibly well written vocal hooks and catchy choruses are the hallmark of the album. "Run Away" and "Burn My Pain" are the weaker songs on TFW, edging towards more Evanescence territory than the rest of the album. The down tuned, chunky riff moments are the parts which don't necessarily sound like SOP, but these are few and far between and never compromise the quality of the music.

Slightly better than its predecessor and chock-full of stunning vocal hooks and music that is both haunting and sublime. The Flame Within proves that this band doesn't have to rely on the name of 'Lucassen' any more. Displaying pop tinged metal tunes with soaring vocals and beautiful keyboards, but without being overtly mainstream in its delivery. Of the 13 tracks, there's certainly no filler and no pointless intros/interludes/outros, so there's definitely bang for your buck.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by itsjoeymoose | 30.06.2009



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30.06.2009 - 17:10
I need to disagree with Marcela Bovio first appereance. Her first band was Elfonia. And that was a really good band.
there is nothing left to die for...
30.06.2009 - 23:41
I found this album very enjoyable, and it has very nice songs
01.07.2009 - 08:39
Underpaid M.D.
I'll try this album soon, just one thing man, the name is "Lucassen", and yes, indeed, Elfonía was Marcela's first band. Still I think she has a very, very enjoyable voice.
"Les vers savent qu'ils n'ont pas d'ailes, c'est pour cela qu'ils se cachent sous terre"
01.07.2009 - 17:55
lord artan
Its very good album
04.07.2009 - 11:16
Lost To Apathy
Marcela's voice is excellent and the album is multi layered but accessible. I love it, even the Radiohead cover!
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19.09.2010 - 04:06
Account deleted
It's enjoyable. But, not as good as their debut.

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