Lilitu - The Delores Lesion review


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Band: Lilitu
Album: The Delores Lesion
Release date: September 2004

01. Only The End Of The World Again
02. Even The Vultures Have Moved On
03. The Delores Lesion
04. Ether
05. Follow Through
06. Desolation Breeds
07. Dark Haired Girl
08. Fragments Of My Reflection

When Dark Gothic meets raging Melodic Death, that would somewhat fit to describe the new sensation and recent signing from The End Records, Lilitu. The Atlanta, Georgia based combo is hungry to conquer their public and this record will do just that. Fans of late Melodic Death a la Dark Tranquillity period "Damage Done" and fans of trendy Dark Gothic a la Type O Negative, HIM or Entwine, this one is for you!

From beginning to end, "The Delores Lesion" emphasizes the melodic lines of a gloomy spirit led at enormous speed. Thrashy guitar riffs and melodic piano lines coexist in harmony to create memorable songs. The vocals are sublime from clean to deathlike and the guitar playing is top-notch. The keys and piano lines really craft a dark atmosphere, which is a perfect base for the exceptionally catchy choruses in crescendos. The album contains some of the best compositions I've ever heard. Somebody is obviously taking a great deal of passion to compose in this band and you can but notice. Among others, my selected highlights are the opening track 'Only The End Of The World Again' with a juggernaut head-banging feel to it and a monster solo, 'Follow Through' for its opening that would make the guitarists from Evergrey look like apprentices and the duality of clean and death voices that gives me goose bumps, and the "plat de resistance" the last track, 'Fragments Of My Reflection', which has to be the most brutal and the most elaborate composition on this CD.

In others related news, the production is huge, perfectly balancing the atmospheric elements with the rough elements; and to round up the whole thing, the artwork is splendid. The only thing I regret is the short length of this album, but it's enough "blow-your-mind" stuff to satisfy anybody nonetheless and it's the most important.

Lilitu unleashed their new opus "The Delores Lesion" and you better be prepared to take a slap in the face. These guys show that they have nothing to envy from other leading bands in the Melodic Death field from Sweden nor from the ones from the Finnish Gothic scene. Savvy blend of Melodic Death Metal and Dark Gothic Metal, this album is here to claim your recognition and it surely deserves it. Positively one of the best releases of the year 2004 in the long run, "The Delores Lesion" is an exciting album that needs your close attention. At least, you have to rush to The End Records website and listen to the sample, just by curiosity if nothing else. Congratulations to The End, their new signings blow everything away this year.

Favorite tracks: 'Only The End Of The World Again', 'Follow Through', 'Fragments Of My Reflection'


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28.11.2007 - 15:37
Lost To Apathy
Insanely good album.
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