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Band: Gorod
Album: Process Of A New Decline
Release date: June 2009

01. Disavow Your God
02. Programmers Of Decline
03. Diverted Logic
04. Rebirth Of Senses
05. The Path
06. Splinters Of Life
07. Guilty Of Dispersal
08. Gilded Cage
09. A Common Hope
10. Watershed
11. Almighty's Murderer
12. Chronicles From The Stone Age [live] [bonus]
13. Eternal Messiah [live] [bonus]
14. A Common Hope [live] [bonus]
15. Almighty's Murderer [live] [bonus]

This is already a great year for technical death metal. Obscura, Centaurus-A, Suffocation... Nevertheless, it seems like France's Gorod simply outplays all of these bands and Process Of A New Decline so far sets the high water mark for this little sub-genre in the year 2009.

Don't get me wrong, Process Of A New Decline still features many of the pitfalls associated with technical metal - guitar solos are often gratuitous and complex structures seem to exist for no other reason than to show off how many hours the instrumentalists have spent playing with their own instruments instead of getting laid. Case in point - "Watershed" certainly reminds me of Opeth - not in musical style, but in how technical and progressive passages are expertly used to make a conceptual song that goes precisely nowhere. Yes, it all sounds impressive but it is gratuitous and is like a kind of musical workout, that like all music we hear while working out - leaves our memory as soon as it is over.

Luckily, such moments are an overwhelming minority on this album. Far more often, Gorod either rips through supremely catchy harmonized melodic riffs or concentrates fully on unadulterated brutality, with no compromise at all. Examples of the former, namely "Programmers Of Decline", "The Path" and "A Common Hope" are instant classics, believe me - they will leave your imaginary air-strings covered with your own imaginary air-blood. The remaining tracks are not much worse and the whole album is just one neat little moment and riff after another. The clear yet meaty production and particularly the sick, raspy growls also adds to the general high level of achievement of this album, while keeping it firmly within the realm of truly extreme music.

One could say that a band like Obscura has more character; however, Gorod simply doesn't need it. This is an album that simply contains killer music that speaks for itself with no need for gimmicks, hype or comparisons to rival bands. Process Of A New Decline is not perfect but it is certainly close.


Written on 07.07.2009 by With Metal Storm since 2002, jupitreas has been subjecting the masses to his reviews for quite a while now. He lives in Warsaw, Poland, where he does his best to avoid prosecution for being so cool.


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07.07.2009 - 05:40
Wicked Mung
Good review, great album!
07.07.2009 - 07:17
I loved the new Gorod album
Long live Metal
07.07.2009 - 08:39
Burning inside
Good album, but I prefer Leading Vision.
07.07.2009 - 18:21
Urban Monster
Fucking yes. Gorod will render you speechless. Corrupting the system since '05.
Any man can stand adversity, but to test his character give him power - A. Lincoln
07.07.2009 - 21:41
Saw them live a couple weeks ago, they are so fucking tight live, awesome band.
07.07.2009 - 21:49
Born Too Late
How awesome! A brilliant review, I'm looking forward to getting this album very soon
'I wish you all had one neck and that I had my hands on it.'
09.07.2009 - 00:08
Comparing bands like that saying other bands are great than others suck because they have a few more good parts on an album than another is pretty lame. And saying that bands like Opeth have songs that go no where I completely disagree with. Just enjoy the music and stop judging bands in a negative matter taking the fun out of metal.
Long live Metal
14.07.2009 - 05:14
LeChron James
Yeaaaah more high quality tech death from france. feelin it!
Kick Ass, Die Young

Less is More
Stay Pure
Stay Poor

Music was my life, music brought me to life and music is how I will be remembered long after I leave this life. When I die there will be a final waltz in my head that only I can hear.
05.04.2010 - 16:03
This album is awesome....so many great hooks. Its all good and well if you can make music seriously complex and all but if it doesnt stick in your head and if its not memorable then whats the point? This album has so many awesome hooks AND technicality its great.
28.05.2010 - 13:46
Account deleted
Just one listen through this album single-handedly killed my interest in Gorod, a love affair that lasted many years. For me this release capitulated to the hundreds of other mindless, tech-over-quality death metal bands that are so abundant today. Fingers crossed they reprise the groove and personality of the other albums.
23.06.2010 - 12:35
"The Quaker"
IMO the album has colossal moments, but then some songs turns out mediocre or worse.
29.01.2011 - 02:00
Daydream Nation
Account deleted
I think a lot of people are misinterpreting the album...it's really about the underlying concept, a different perspective from the events of Leading Vision. Read the lyrics and reassess the album as a whole concept and you will see how it is a stellar follow up from Leading Vision. The lyrics reek of social contracts, revolutions, secret cults...they reek awesomeness. Yes, some tracks are repetitive and a little more mediocre than usual, but they are certainly bearable, in my opinion, and are strongly reinforced by incredible tunes distributed very nicely throughout the album.
Also...the nice Cynic-vocoder-like vocals ROCK. They are a little faint in places, but just provide a nice layer to the concept of the album.
10.09.2011 - 23:06
Good album, but I prefer Leading Vision. +1
16.03.2017 - 12:21
"The Quaker"
Re-read your review just now, it's possibly the best one on this album and on tech-death in general.

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