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Band: The Butterfly Effect
Album: Final Conversation Of Kings
Release date: September 2008

01. Worlds on Fire
02. Room Without A View
03. Final Conversation
04. The Way
05. Window And The Watcher
06. ...And The Promise Of The Truth
07. In These Hands
08. 7 Days
09. Rain
10. Sum Of 1

This is the first time that I listen to The Butterfly Effect (let's call them TBFX) and if I don't understand why they're not popular in Europe, I understand why they reached the top of the Aussie charts. This band is clearly not Metal (even if some riffs are powerful and heavy) and play some kind of Progressive Rock mixed with Grunge and Alternative Rock but the music is good and extremely entertaining. A good surprise for me…

The Butterfly Effect a lot of different influences to create its own music. When I listen to their last album, "Final Conversation Of Kings", I can feel influences from Pop bands like Muse, but also Rock a la Incubus, Grunge a la Pearl Jam and even Progressive melancholic music in the vein of Porcupine Tree or even Tool. This mixing gives good Rock finally, accessible and catchy with great choruses like on "The Way" (which also features interesting trumpets lines) or "Window And The Watcher" with its damn effective riffs. The music could be played on radios, that's true, but it could be stupid to believe that they're not able to write something deep. Just to listen to the songs and you'll understand what I mean, TBFX music is easy of access but intelligent nonetheless.

TBFX is not American but sounds like a big popular production from this country. Yes even if the band is not yet signed by Universal or Warner, I have the feeling that it could happen soon… But at least this is really professional and it's easy to hear all the little sounds which composed each songs. "Final Conversation Of Kings" is deep and complex actually (its progressive side) even if it can sound easy at first. Don't do this mistake and listen to the album again and again and you'll see that there is a real difference between TBFX and the legion of bands which could be compared to them. Which such musicians, a really good singer and 10 first classy songs, "Final Conversation Of Kings" is a must. Oki, some Metalheads will say that it's not Metal and that's true but after all who care? Music is good when it's good, nothing to add.

"Final Conversation Of Kings" is the perfect album for summer! Poppy and a bit commercial but entertaining as much as possible and finally fresh, the third album of these Australians is a real success no doubt. Don't consider it as a Metal band, they're not, just be open minded and remember that back in the 90's you probably enjoyed Pearl Jam, Incubus and all those good melodic bands. "Final Conversation Of Kings" is in the category of the cool album that I will listen to again and again because it's good to do a break with brutal music sometime!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 22.07.2009



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22.07.2009 - 18:49
Sounds interesting... I like the artwork, too.
23.07.2009 - 16:35
Ag Fox
Angel No More
You got me curious
loves 小巫
24.07.2009 - 13:31
I like this band. When I saw I link to this review, I thot it was perhaps a mistake or probably another band with the same name. Yes, they are not metal but they do kick ass. If you really want to know what The Butterfly Effect is all about, listen to a track of theirs called Phoneix. I love that song..
Freeze! Step away from the hubris.
30.01.2010 - 08:53
Edible Autopsy
If this is all you've heard... You haven't heard anything yet. Get your hands on the 3 albums before this. Begins Here, Imago and The Butterfly Effect EP. All great especially Imago. That is my favourite album by these guys. They're F'n amazing live as well.
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