Cradle Of Filth - Vempire [EP]
22 April 1996

01. Ebony Dressed For Sunset
02. The Forest Whispers My Name
03. Queen Of Winter, Throned
04. Nocturnal Supremacy
05. She Mourns A Lengthening Shadow
06. The Rape And Ruin Of Angels (Hosannas In Extremis)

Lets face it, yet another one of Cradle of Filth's great releases before they completely shit all over what they worked to build up over a decade. Sad, isn't it? Well, whats said is the alternative title for this EP, " Dark Faerytales in Phallustein ", which has the root word Phallus in it, which all of you immature kids out there, roughly the same mental and emotional age category I fit into as well giggle at that title, mostly because it refers to penis, dick, cock, or whatever you want to call the male genitals. So, lets move on, to the impish frontman and his marry band of great musicians, except for the fat one, Sarah.

" Ebony Dressed for Sunset ", a rather fast some, under three minutes and thats a bonus for Cradle of Filth, its speed is mostly set into it's drums and vocals, double bass and some small blast beats can be heard. The guitars are quick, but not that fast, and riff majestically through this song. The major riff is handled by Gian, the master of this band before his departure after Cruelty And The Beast. All I have to say is, the vocalist that I don't like comes in towards the end of the song to tone it down, to slow it down and make it easily groovable for the next track.

This one starts out with a nice little bass line, which is hard now-a-days for a lot of bands to make these highly noticeable. Yes, its the song " The Forest Whispers My Name " which pretty much, from the title alone, would seem as if it was done by a Norwegian Black Metal band, probably Idjarn or someone of that nature. Pun, I said nature. Hehe. Anyways, the track is relatively fast, ranging from double bass, roaring bass lines, and nice array of blast beats, a drum roll or two, and Dani's high pitched vocals, then his low vocals. The bad side again, is that this woman is in the background with her wails of whatever you want to call her style of singing. It find it annoying, as you should have noticed in the last review. This song is rather good, undeniably, it comes across with a few green flags at the finish line, even when the race isn't over yet.

The third song, " Queen Of Winter, Throned. " is rather long, just over ten minutes on this EP, which probably fills up a good third of the total length that you will be presented this nice. Its intro is vocal, a hymn to say about lycanthropy if you didn't figure it out. It starts off rather somber, somewhat slower then you would expect at first after the into, but gains a good grip in speed after about two minutes of playing, when finally the guitars go to half of what it would cost to do break neck speed. Sarah's vocals are present here, so you already know I have one thing I already don't like with this song. Its a good song, the somewhat lower vocals of Dani do dominate this track though, not bad, but somewhat letting down of him. Compiled with Sarah's vocals, it feels a bit uncomfortable as well.

" Nocturnal Supremacy " Yet another song with " HER " vocals in it. Its fast, a really fast song, faster then the opening track and its almost twice as long. From this track you will hear standard Cradle Of Filth-ness. It does slow down towards the middle of it, which isnt anything new from Cradle of Filth, adding a hint of melody with dual vocals, one from Dani and one from Sarah, the other girlish man of the group. Its got a solo, thats surprising as well from this track, its towards the end of it and it's decent. A nice ending to a song that is mostly just above average but nothing entirely special.

" She Mourns In A Lengthening Shadow " a nice sounding instrumental done with violins and a piano, possibly a layer of synthesizer work here and there. Its nothing out of the ordinary, but given in the time that it was done, its rather a nice touch to this EP.

" The Rape And Ruin Of Angels ", this track again could be done by someone from Norway or Sweden for that matter and it would be another generic Black Metal song about Anti-Christianity. From what I can hear, as a long time ex-Cradle of Filth fan, it sounds exactly like that, just with Dani doing vocals. His higher pitch puts it into a class of it's own, which really isn't breakthrough or a touch of class. Its got a good break in it, just right before a minute turns over, filled with piano's and such. You can hear the bass lines as well after this point, which is a sigh of relieve. But again, this song could be done by someone else and it would be of the same effort and effect. Its a bit long, almost nine minutes long, which is alright, it isn't bad. But what does get my goat is that her vocals are in it again, which to my ears, they are over done and no longer an enhancement to the "atmosphere" or feel of the album. This track then turns into something you would have heard earlier on this album, which is a let down.

Band profile: Cradle Of Filth
Album: Vempire


written by Prugor | 30.09.2004

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Christ_13 - 13.04.2007 at 22:18  
Review too long and too boring for this great EP...
Lucas - 15.04.2007 at 12:39  
I liked all those little stupid jokes in the review.
Bitch Boy - 16.04.2007 at 06:01  
My favorite CoF release, very good one. There are very good songs in this EP.

I laughed a lot with the review, this phrase "Sarah, the other girlish man of the group" is outstanding
Necroluster - 19.05.2007 at 08:44  
Good review man very funny and straight to the point Cradle of Filth kicked ass but they had to fuck it up so true and sad
hard_tom - 22.09.2007 at 22:51  
One of the best dusk metal releases, together with the bible (or codex gigas?) of this style - Dusk and Her Embrace (from COF too, of course). By the first listening I thought that there are at least three singers...
10 points !
danielllewis - 22.09.2009 at 02:35  
This is by far their best work, but of course they went downhill when nick left...
Andresopeth - 23.11.2010 at 17:36  
Very boring review, and how many times do you need to say you hate Sarah's vocals, one should have been ok, not mention in any song how uncomfortable you feel with her performing
Vonpire - 05.01.2011 at 21:20  
Sad review of best EP ever. Said it. Don't like, don't eat, aeat
Yuyu - 08.09.2011 at 10:44  
For me, the best COF album and one of the best black-gothic albums ever. Review non comment.

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