Behemoth - Evangelion
7 August 2009

Disc I
01. Daimonos
02. Shemhamforash
03. Ov Fire And The Void
04. Transmigrating Beyond Realms Ov Amenti
05. He Who Breeds Pestilence
06. The Seed Ov I
07. Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
08. Defiling Morality Ov Black God
09. Lucifer
10. Total Invasion [Killing Joke cover][iTunes bonus]

Disc II [bonus DVD]
01. Making Of Evangelion

Behemoth must now be Poland's biggest metal export as the band have rose to fame in the last decade. It was just five years ago when the band released Demigod when the band turned all ears towards them with a death metal album of such ferocity and intensity. Three years later comes The Apostasy, and right now we have the next demonic offering with Evangelion. Since the band grasped and shook the death metal scene with Demigod, not much has changed with the Behemoth's music. Each of these three albums almost a carbon copy of each other. The style and the performance of the music is just as vicious and violent while being executed with insane precision, and even the structure of the songs on the albums seems to be very similar as they always seem to build up to a final explosive surge, this time "Defiling Morality Ov Black God" being that track.

Evangelion is the most polished album Behemoth have put out to date, the production in particular is squeaky clean as you can clearly hear each manic blast and beat from the madman known as Inferno. The whole sound comes across sometimes as perhaps too clean, although a cleaner production is preferred when considering the complex and intricate nature of Behemoth's highly accurate music. It may be easy to become spoilt when it comes to death metal these days, but you must appreciate the skill it takes to put an album of such chaos together like this, let alone actually perform it to this standard.

As always the songs vary from mid-tempo pulverising pieces to ultra fast pulverising slabs of death metal, always with the balance towards the latter. Evangelion does not let up until the last track "Lucifer" when it comes to giving the listener an ear-full of carnage, by which time you have bared witness to the epic ending of "Alas, The Lord Is Upon Me" which leads to the previously mentioned mental health patient of a track "Defiling Morality Ov Black God". Behemoth would not be what it is without the assault and battery of the presumably human Inferno.

Three albums since the world heard Demigod, and three albums of a technical and talented display of death metal. Isn't it about time Behemoth reached into its hat and pulled out something risky for a change? Even if the physical performances of the band have far surpassed all of the previous Behemoth albums, Evangelion may be angelic in the world of death metal, but we have heard this all before. Now we know just what the band can do performance-wise, it is time for them to show us something just as groundbreaking creative-wise.


Death metal
Nuclear Blast
Length: 41:54

Performance: 10
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Band profile: Behemoth
Album: Evangelion


Written on 27.08.2009 by
Baz Anderson
Member of Staff since 2006.
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Troy Killjoy - 27.08.2009 at 18:08  
It's weird. I somehow like all of their post-Thelema.6 albums, yet I can't actually construct an argument as to why. They all sound the same, they're all too polished, and it seems uninspired at times, as if the band members are just showing us how good with their instruments they are as opposed to how much they enjoy writing music. Yet I rate them all on this site with an 8 or 9. They just sound good I guess. Hopefully this album brings SOMETHING new to the table, but at the same time I hope they just shelled out yet another amazingly unoriginal death metal "masterpiece". Great review. I've heard mixed views, and this brought a lot of pros and cons to the forefront.
BitterCOld - 27.08.2009 at 19:00  
I understand where you are coming from, KJ. if anything it's an appreciation for the quality of the musicianship of Team Behemoth. you listen to the album and you realize they are incredibly skilled and have clearly put a lot of time and effort into the music.

on the other hand, they aren't really pushing any envelopes or anything. they've taken the familiar and made it better.

it's ridiculously well executed modern death metal. nothing more, nothing less.

i think Pyro said it best in the band thread... something to the effect of 'i listen to it and it rocks, but 30 minutes after i'm done, i can't really remember much of anything.'

good review, good album overall, but i think the band could do better.
Rupert - 27.08.2009 at 19:07  
"Behemoth would not be what it is without the assault and battery of the presumably human Inferno."

That statement made me laugh pretty good. But you're right Baz, it's about time they take a risk or two.
Mr. Doctor - 27.08.2009 at 19:36  
I listened to the album and I agree. The performance is fukcing insane. But jsut like you said, it's just like the previous two albums only better in the performance. This dudes have to take a few risks.
Elio - 27.08.2009 at 21:21  
This album has totally nothing to offer, sometimes performance is not enough.
Carrion Misery - 27.08.2009 at 22:18  
Evangelion has really blown me away. The toms are so thick and towering. With most bands that I like, I just say the next album is a continuation of their story. I do think Evangelion is much more polished than the rest. Excellent album that won't leave my play list for quite some time.
Got Mayhem? - 27.08.2009 at 22:23  
I agree about the performance being almost inhuman (especially Inferno) and I also agree that this album is demonic chaos that is packaged, polished, and then thrust down the listeners throat. I disagree with this album being similar to Demigod however. Demigod was catchy and more simplistic. Apostasy was a bit more complex and got farther away from the catchy riffs. Evangelion is even more complex musically and is overall much less catchy.

Basically I do think that they are evolving musically within Death metal, its just a bit hard to see. Great album, i would give it a 9.
terrorist - 27.08.2009 at 22:50  
Well the performance is good we had no doubt abouth that but the originality is very low.I don't know,the way i feel Apostasy and Damigod is way more diffrent than Evangelion and i think this album could have been much better.

As for Inferno hm...is he getting faster on every album???heheh
ioannisk - 27.08.2009 at 23:29  
My rate was also 8/10! the sound of the drums is HUGE! GREAT production and GREAT musicianship! maybe a little tiring after a while but it's worth it! the first track is mindblowing!
enumaelis - 28.08.2009 at 01:27  
I am a bit dissapointed with this album They should rest some time and get some fresh ideas in my opinion. I couldnt find many good riffs in this new one but old ones re-constructed, and voice should be not so over the rest of instruments, I think.
wormdrink414 - 28.08.2009 at 04:25  
It feels a lot like Thelema to me. Despite the evident advances in production (depending on whether or not you like the "organic" feel The Apostasy had), Evangelion has a really raw quality to it. It does lack the certain riff-centrism that made me fall in love with Demigod and The Apostasy. Nevertheless, I give it a 9. "Transmigrating Beyond Realms ov Amenti" is destined to be a Behemoth classic I think.
DoomGuard - 28.08.2009 at 05:42  
You guys are always wanting wanting wanting

I haven't tried this album but my friends say its great. Their previous albums are great n I'm sure this one is just as great
Daggon - 28.08.2009 at 05:55  
Yeah, you are always wanting wanting wanting hehe, but that is comprehensible knowing that Behemoth are an international quality band, they are not beginners, so maybe they need to take risks as someone said. Still, talking about Death Metal, they know how to deliver the goods and stay loyal to their roots. A good album indeed. Good review BTW (presumably human hahaha).
Sunioj - 28.08.2009 at 06:59  
Yeah, this is a great album. In fact, I like it a lot more than The Apostasy (which I thought had really ball-less production). It's brutal, it's epic, and the sound is just perfect - crystal clear production. Of course, it's not perfect due to its unvaried songwriting, but rather it is simply a solid album.
Chriss26 - 28.08.2009 at 08:57  
Evangelion = Majesty !
Although Apostasy is more "touchy" but i think Evangelion is fucking GREAT !
speaking about inferno , hehe well he seems to get faster and faster and faster ! great drummer , great band ! Fucking BEHEMOTH !
Passenger - 28.08.2009 at 13:05  
After years following Behemoth and seeing them surpass themselves in almost every new album, I think this is the first time they've actually totally stopped evolving, this is like the B-side of The Apostasy. It's not bad, and, yes, the performances are very good, and yes, Inferno is still the best drummer ever, but it's certainly not the masterpiece that Thelema.6, ZKC or Demigod were.
Visioneerie - 29.08.2009 at 18:19  
I don't know... if it isn't better than Demigod then I'm not in much of a rush to hear the album. I know the standards are a little harsh but if it's similar to their two previous works like people say it is, then I'm not that interested.
Eddie Misery - 29.08.2009 at 18:45  
Evangelion is, no doubt, an absolutely brutal album. And I agree that yes it is very polished, and while I like that Behemoth has yet again done what they do best, I wouldn't mind seeing something a bit riskier myself. But that's really just out of sheer curiousity. Since we know what they can already do, and how well they already do it, it would be interesting to see what else they could could make out of it by changing something. On the other hand, I don't think there's anything wrong with keeping just one solid, directed motion either, and if tomorrow Behemoth released a "part II" to Evangelion that complimented the original, I'd still buy it and no doubt love it.

One thing I can say for sure...if Behemoth WERE to try something more risky, i.e. some kind of stylistic change even if it were minor, you would see floods of people pouring in, griping about how it's "not as good as their old material!" or "I don't know what this really means but they're sellouts!" And then of course you have the totally jaded listeners who are absolutely impressed with nothing. The reactions would just be interesting in and of themselves.

Behemoth kicks ass, and I think this is probably the most sensible and accurate review I've read lately. Evangelion fits right in, and Behemoth deserves to have such clarity and high production on an album. I love it.
skrätte - 30.08.2009 at 17:57  
I have to agree with Eddie Misery on the point that if Behemoth DID make even a minor stylistic change, you'd see a bunch of griping about how Behemoth is making less-than-quality material and/or how they've sold out.

Here's the thing, for me personally: Evangelion is fucking brutal. I like it better than Demigod and The Apostasy. The drums are absolutely insane. The video for Ov Fire And The Void is awesome.. and that song is, in my opinion, one of the best on the album.

I've listened to this album many, many times since its release. I am far from sick of it and, in fact, sometimes find myself craving a listen. I can say, with all honestly, that this is, so far, one of my personal Top Albums of the Year. It's not a groundbreaking album.. but it's Behemoth, and since 2004, they've been at the top of their game. A "usual" album from Behemoth still kicks the ass of much of the other crap out there.

Also, great review. I'd say you hit the nail on the head, here.
Baz Anderson - 30.08.2009 at 18:09  
Thanks a lot guys, glad to see you agree.
Sacred Viking - 31.08.2009 at 02:08  
10/10 hehehe
BloodTears - 02.09.2009 at 17:25  
I listened to this album today for the first time. I need more listens but my first impression was good. I like the slow built of some songs and I'm not contaminated by their other releases so that might explain why I'm not finding it boring like some people do.

I only have Dmigod and I lost that CD somewhere lol
Mr. Doctor - 02.09.2009 at 19:03  
Written by BloodTears on 02.09.2009 at 17:25

so that might explain why I'm not finding it boring like some people do.

That's the thing... None really think it's boring. It's fast, brutal, technical and... Exactly the same music that came in The Apostasy and Demigod. That's the thing that most of the people here [me too] think.
This album has a hell of a performance and musical writing, but that's it... Nothing to offer in the end.
Like Pyroleprechaun said in the thread: I remember liking it, but not able to remember it.
TheBigRossowski - 07.09.2009 at 18:41  
Yeah, it is a great album, but it is in the same direction as the others. It's definitely better than The Apostasy though... anyways, it sounds a lot harder than Apostasy.

For Nergal, it's more about the message. He loves his music and they're all damn good at it, but for him personally, it seems about getting out his message.
BudDa - 11.09.2009 at 15:35  
Why take the risk if u can still produce something as awesome as Evagelion! Simply put, for me, its the death metal release of the year yet!:banger2:

dddddrrrrrrrrrrr..*cymbals, cymbals*...dddddrrrrrrrrr..*cymbals, cymbals*:shit::banger:
Tatras - 14.09.2009 at 11:36  
Like for me best Death Metal album of 2009... Cannibal Corpse is good... but like always nothing special. Suffocation album little bit to boring... Vader good to, but like for me it is nothing agains Evangelion. I am only waiting for new Nile album that maybe can top Evfangelion...
arj - 14.09.2009 at 20:30  
Very good review. I really liked the album
MétalNoir - 19.10.2009 at 02:02  
Good review, it really points out what's wrong with Behemoth these days. I think they have the same problem Children Of Bodom has been struggling with for some years, now: a lot of showoff and no imagination... Fortunately, Behemoth haven't turned into girly shit yet, my eardrums bleed every time I listen to one of their 3 last albums.
Lord TJ - 05.11.2009 at 06:22  
I havent listened to all their songs from this album yet. I hadnt realized that I downloaded this and was synced to my Ipod, I listened to Daimonos and was impressed. Im not sure why, but Behemoth just does it for me.
Uirapuru - 09.11.2009 at 20:24  
Yeah, its quite similar to the two previous albums, but its not a problem (althou I find this one the worst of the three).

The production is perfect, the heretic/oriental thematic is also in good hands.

Just forgot to mention that ''Shemhamforash'' is simply the best song of the album. The ''pulverising pieces to ultra fast pulverising slabs of death metal,'' in best performance.. Slaves Shall Serve style. Very nice.
METALVIKING107 - 22.11.2009 at 22:48  
I can agree with the review that they do need to take a few risks and show some more musical evolution...but my god this album is fucking amazing! I can't bring myself to say anything bad about it. I was absolutely blown away by just the first track. They could use a bit of a sound turnaround, they've done it before and I think with their level of talent they can do it again. But I still can't say anything bad about Evangelion its just goddamn awesome.
wormdrink414 - 23.11.2009 at 06:17  
I am now convinced that this is Behemoth's best. It'll be getting my vote for album of the year no doubt.
Big-Al - 09.12.2009 at 12:38  
Very good review, and i agree with everythng everyone is saying!

So i have little to add except that Demigod was released 4 years ago and the Apostasy just 2... Behemoth seem to release an abum every 2 years with an ep inbetween each.

each album feels more like a perfection of the last, so while Evangelion feels like the band has reached it's zenith, as originality goes it feels more like an all time low.

Theoreticaly 2010 we will probably be treated to a new ep, and 2011 a full new album

(FYI: my favorite Behemoth Realese is Zos Kia Kultus)
Nergal - 31.12.2009 at 03:58  
Behemoth always get better, and this album is their true consacration... This is my favourite band, so I cannot be very impartial, but I really liked Evangelion, although The Apostasy has something more in terms of originality and songwriting... But, people, they know how to play!!!
Best parts : Daimonos, intro of Shemhamforash, intro and outro of Transmigrating, outro of He Who Breeds Pestilence (fu**ing epic!!!), Alas, Lord Is Upon Me.
Buy this album, it's pure evil!!!
cjs675 - 23.01.2010 at 15:39  
I only listened to Evangelion for the first time yesterday, and well, this is pure in-your-face aggression. Our favorite Poles have done it again.

I was never a big fan of their early work, but everything since (and including) Satanica has been top notch.

Behemoth's latest offering does not disappoint either, epic riffs and as-always-awesome vocals from Mr Nergal makes this one of my favorites of '09.
Dangerboner - 16.06.2010 at 01:30  
Written by EmperorIX on 16.06.2010 at 01:27

If this was a record released by an unkown band, it would be praised very highly, yet because it is not, as it follows a linear progression in terms of originality, it is harshly critisized by some. There are very few musicians in the world who can execute such precise performances, and with crystal clear production its hard to ask for more. This is there masterpiece in my opinion.

This album gets lots of praise. Check out this poll, for example.
Big-Al - 07.10.2011 at 16:25  
Everyone talks about behemoth taking a risk, but look at all the complaints morbid angel are getting having done exactly that.
Boxcar Willy - 01.01.2012 at 18:15  
Solid album, I'd rate it half a point lower, just due to (imo) a few filler tracks.
Daniell - 03.09.2012 at 10:33  
Written by Big-Al on 07.10.2011 at 16:25

Everyone talks about behemoth taking a risk, but look at all the complaints morbid angel are getting having done exactly that.

You can take a risk and succeed, or you can take a risk and fail miserably.
Rulatore - 08.02.2014 at 02:39  
Written by Big-Al on 07.10.2011 at 16:25

Everyone talks about behemoth taking a risk, but look at all the complaints morbid angel are getting having done exactly that.

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