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Band: Amorphis
Album: Skyforger
Release date: May 2009

01. Sampo
02. Silver Bride
03. From The Heaven Of My Heart
04. Sky Is Mine
05. Majestic Beast
06. My Sun
07. Highest Star
08. Skyforger
09. Course Of Fate
10. From Earth I Rose
11. Godlike Machine [bonus]
12. Separated [Japanese bonus]

Skyforger, released by Amorphis earlier this year, can be summed up with two words: one is commercial, and the other is safe. Generally the two go hand in hand when examining an album release, and this is the case with Skyforger. And while the album is filled with a multitude of grand and catchy choruses, the band refuses to experiment at all. Generally, the song structure for each and every song is exactly the same, and the song writing stays true to the same simple template throughout the course of the album. In fact, it can be said that by listening to the first three songs of the album, you have listened to the entire album already.

This is not entirely a bad thing, however. In fact, while almost all the songs sound similar, they are still quite enjoyable. You may even notice a few subtle twists and turns along the way as well. The song "Majestic Beast" probably strays the furthest from the other songs on the album, mostly due to the addition of growled vocals throughout most of the song; a nice change of pace from the first four. "Sampo" and "Silver Bride" are undoubtedly the highlights of the album, and essentially sum up the album in its entirety. Each includes the strongest chorus of the album, with "Sampo" indulging in a short but strong guitar and keyboard solo section at its climax.

Still, the album as a whole is mostly forgettable. The vague "folky" imagery of the lyrical content doesn't help the efforts of originality either. While I have heard that the album is based on the Finnish epic folklore poem entitled the "Kalavela", the lyrical content can basically be lumped into the same category as DragonForce's, in that they are too focused on conjuring images of fiction and fantasy than they are of establishing any type of distinct message or theme. There are occasional moments of originality in the form of a small flute solo (whether by keyboard or an actual flute I'm not sure). And as I have said, the chorus for nearly every song on the album is strong. Even so, many a chorus on this album could easily be confused for another. Fleetingly beautiful, yet painfully generic, Amorphis' Skyforger is a solid heavy metal release for 2009, but nothing more.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Production: 10

Written by Nosurper | 01.09.2009


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Bad English
I agree whit all what review says, not bad, but all is same and lyrics are not best either even band has no bad lyrics generally, somehow emotions was missing here.
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