The Perennial - Dissension review

Band: The Perennial
Album: Dissension
Release date: July 2009

01. Bastard Business
02. Jeremiad
03. The Course Of A Coward

The New England states have been churning out a slew of Hardcore and Metalcore bands for a long time with no sign of slowing down. While this scene has given us some memorable acts like Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall it has also produced some absolute slop. Attempting to stake their claim is The Perennial, a five piece hailing from Connecticut, who seem to have something going for them with their second EP, Dissension.

These guys surly have some skill when it comes to playing their blend of Hardcore, Death Metal and Progressive Metal, which is always a good thing. The three song EP contains some really great hard-hitting riffs mixed with very tasteful (yet still brutal) drumming. The dual guitars add an extra dimension to the music that makes it stick out more than most Hardcore bands I've come across. At times this record reminds me of some old Extol (weird, I know!) but still maintains that modern Hardcore feel. Being a huge fan of vocals I was left a little disappointed with the performance here not because they were bad but because they are the run of the mill and rather forgettable. Production wise, Dissension is well recorded and seems to really capture that cold angst of New England.

At the end of the day, The Perennial have got some great skill with their instruments but need to work more in the songwriting department. If they can buckle down and write a few more memorable tunes I think this band has the potential to become a big name in their scene.

Written by Dane Train | 01.09.2009


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01.09.2009 - 20:04
Ag Fox
Angel No More
The impression i get is this EP seems like it's for fans of the genre then
loves 小巫

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