Avec Tristesse - Ravishing Beauty review


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Band: Avec Tristesse
Album: Ravishing Beauty
Release date: 2002

01. Ravishing Beauty pt.1
02. She, the Lust
03. Ravishing Beauty pt.2
04. The Crown of Uncreation
05. De Sombre Amour Et Souffrance
06. In Vain I Cry
07. Paean

Very nice surprise from Brazil, I though only Brutal and Power Metal bands came from the land of the samba and the carnivals, anyway, is really nice to hear this kind of bands, since the scene is over-saturated with repetitive acts.

Avec Tristesse (I'm guessing that translated is "With Sadness") is playing Dark Metal, which is, a mix of Doom, Death and Gothic elements. The band uses keyboards, double bass and both clean and Death vocals (both great by the way).

Don't be afraid by the short duration of this Cd, 'cause you have plenty of music to have fun for hours, like "She The Lust" a fantastic opening song, and my personal favorite "The Crown Of Uncreation" this is a great track, because it have some aggressive parts and some are more mellower, features female vocals and acoustic guitars.

"In Vain I Cry" is a more up-tempo song with more Death Metal influences, but always with some slower and melancholic parts to counter the initial aggressiveness, Finally "Paean" closes the album with more female vocals and an overall epic feel (because of the keyboards), another great song, you can trust me on this one.

Ok, the production is not as crisp and tight like you may expect, but this is the first album of these guys and I think that is terrific effort, now let's hope that they can overcome these little mistakes in their sophomore album, which, I can't wait to listen.

Somber, Gloomy yet aggressive music from Brazil. I place my bet on Avec Tristesse.

Written by Undercraft | 07.10.2004


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