Nihil Novi Sub Sole - Promo '09 [Magazines Only] review


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Band: Nihil Novi Sub Sole
Album: Promo '09 [Magazines Only]
Release date: 2009

01. To Enslave And Destroy
02. Everlasting Nihilism
03. Heimische Kunst
04. I Rule... You Follow

Nihil Novi Sub Sole - Nothing New Under The Sun, obviously this is a name Marco Kehrens, well known from his work as mastermind of Deinonychus, doesn't want to live up to with his new one-man band. If you're expecting doom metal now I'll have to disappoint you.

Instead of slow and crushing riffs, Nihil Novi focuses on dark, detailed and depressing ambient soundscapes. Tense keyboard passages that seem to be building up to something that never happens are part of this world of sound just as much as militaristic drumming, solemn yet majestic synths and elements borrowed from industrial music. Among others, samples of a man sobbing, the bleating of a sheep and a German speech about the artistic roots of the nation - not entirely unreminiscent of national-socialist propaganda - round off the music. This promo CD seems to have an ominous, threatening atmosphere about it, especially the last track; "I Rule… You Follow!"

What seems to be Marcos main forté in the world of ambient music, is that he is actually capable of writing real songs. And I don't mean that the four tracks have catchy choruses, but that they're well-structured, diverse and best of all; short. Instead of half an hour long melting pots of random noise, sloppily thrown together and sounding exactly the same throughout its duration; Nihil presents tidy pieces of music between three and five minutes. Instead of dragging on for ever, they're done before you notice it.

Although the release I'm currently talking about is destined for reporters only, it's merely a foretaste of what will come. My Kingdom Music have announced that Nihil Novi Sub Sole's first full-length will be released in late 2009. Personally, I'm looking forward to it.

Rating breakdown
Performance: -
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Bas | 13.09.2009



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13.09.2009 - 22:43
Mr. Noise
Great stuff, I will definitely get the full length when it comes out. It took me by surprise.
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

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